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Jessica - posted on 09/16/2009




i am wondering the same thing ... my daughter wants everything i have yesterday i was eating a meat pie and she had a big chunk of mince and she loved it and had more... i think maybe speak to your child health nurse and your g.p to see what they recommand but dont get dishearted if they say not your his mum and u know what he can and cant handle... if you do try to give him table food just introduce it in small doses i have introduced toast and milk arrowroots into my daughters diet and she loves them with the toast i cut them into soilders... i have also sat her up with with us at the table and given her small amounts of food last night she sucked on a lamb strip lol so you do what u think is best for your son different people will say dont do it but the way i look at as a mum you know what your child can handleyour the one that is with him everyday and if he has difficulty then you'll know theres no harm in trying it ... GOOD LUCK!!! :)

Helen - posted on 09/15/2009




when he/she asks for it! every child is different so just play it by ear. Although on the jars of baby food it said from 4 months, my little guy was eating them at 2 months, he is now eating pretty much our food but blended down to suit his needs, but he does like a good chew on crêpes under supervision

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