Help with food ideas.

Kira - posted on 04/20/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son was eating little chunks of anything. Peas, spinach,chicken, really just anything I would feed him. Now he only wants life cereal for breakfst. String cheese for snacks and meat for dinner no vegies (even though there on the plate together) He used to love sharing a banana with me. Now he wont even touch it. I need new idea's. What are you feeding your little ones?


Bec - posted on 04/20/2010




I make my 1 yr old a ton of food every couple of weeks and freeze...
This weeks we made
Apricot chicken (just cut up chicken,pasta,carrots zuchini cut cubed, corn and peas cooked down with some tinned apricots-she loves it because its a little bit sweet)
Spag bolognaise
Mini quiche (with lots of grated carrot zuchini and some ham)
Mini muffins (i do blueberry,banana or apple & cinnamon)
Mini meatballs (again with lots of grated vegies!!)
Pikelets usually with jam or ricotta (they freeze really well, and its a lot easier then
making them everyday!)

Plus she has cut up grapes, banana,cherry tomatoes,fruit poles,dried fruit,tinned peaches,ham, blueberries.

Oh and her favourite thing at the moment is tortellini, i give it to her without any sauce :)

Beck - posted on 04/20/2010




My son eats ANYTHING!! What wont he eat... but to give you an idea.
Corey, now 13.5mths, wakes then he has a bfeed
7.30 breakfast (cereal usually porriage)
9.30 fruit for morning tea (a pear or some grapes etc)
11.20 lunch - meat, vegies, carb (rice / pasta / potato) He has 200grams or 7oz, he has the meat diced up small and the vegies mashed or cut up very fine. I leave rice and quinoa whole but cut up pasta fine. He then has 1/2 cup or desert (yoghurt)
2.30 milk (bfeed) and arvo tea (cheese on toast or avacado on crackers or piklets or home made fruit muffins or ricotta on rice thins or custard and stewed fruit etc)
5.20 tea (vegies and carb) again 200grams

Corey likes his vegies still mashed but can also have them chopped. I still mash it or blend them especially for dinner when he is getting tired.
Corey may have finger food at tea time sometimes which maybe salmon rice loaf or zucchini slice (like quiche without pastry). I find this better when he is going through a 'fussy' stage and as these contain vegies and eggs (and salmon / rice in the salmon rice loaf) they are a good choice to get good food into them.
They do go through phases like this but I find to encourage good eating habits its important to;
* Keep to a routine, dont let them snack all day to find they then wont eat their tea. Offer food at set times only.
* Don't be a short order cook, cook a meal and serve it, try and include one or two items they like and encourage them to try the others
* Dont offer to big of serves espcially if you know its unlikely they will eat it, you dont want it to be daunting for them
* Be a good role model, sit and eat together and show your enjoyment and enthusiams for foods
* Try food in different forms - not into fruit at the moment, try it stewed or homemade dried, not eating vegies - try serving them as finger food, steamed or lightly fried or roasted (sweet potato chips!)
* Watch their milk intake isn't too high
* Be patient and understand that a child has never starved themself!
* Somedays their appatite will be higher than others
* Use games, songs and other tricks to 'sneak' mouthfuls in
* Give bub a spoon or even a fork to use and you have one too to 'help'
* Try fruit smoothies
* Keep offering a range of textues, tastes and falvours but dont force anything and make meal times a fight
* I am finding 'quinoa' great, its a really healthy grain (better than brown rice) but nice and small and easy for the bubs so its a good choice

I hope some of these things help. A fussy eater can sometimes be very frustrating but if you work on some of these 'tricks' you may find it is short lived only. I find teething puts them off their food a little.
Enjoy your precious little man!


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Laura - posted on 04/26/2010




My son is 13 months and he has also started going off foods i thought he loved! i think its just a faze where he likes the idea he can decide if he likes it or not. i have a great recipe book recomended by a freind called annabel karmels superfoods ranging from weening stages to 5 yrs plus some of the recipes are amazing and have added them into our weekly food shop!

Erin - posted on 04/23/2010




Kids do that and everyone has given great suggestions. I can only add that after a while the pincer grasp has been somewhat mastered and maybe now you could try to make him something to eat w/a spoon by himself. My son got a little bored as well I do that for him now. We make bean soup, risotto, oatmeal, and blend all his veg together & pour over pasta...he eats kiwi out of the skin too. Eggs...he LOVES eggs and cottage cheese and yogurt. usually, If I allow him to spoon feed himself he allows me to give him more foods in between his own scoops. Good luck....just remember that it IS a stage and soon he'll be onto something else to perplex you :)

Jennifer - posted on 04/23/2010




They go through phases! My son loves those Gerbers Lil Crunchies. I have to hide them or he'll eat only those.

He likes spaghetti, macaroni, bread, soup. He's in a phase now where he doesn't like fruit. Next day, I just try again. He may or may not take it.

Amy - posted on 04/22/2010




HAHAHA that sounds like my 13 month old daughter, but instead of string cheese its cheesies! HIDE these foods, LOL they say it takes like 20 times of introducing foods before a child would like it...kepp showing them new foods, try going back to baby food, i know that sounds wierd but they make things pretty tasty i had to for a few days....breakfast i eggs, or toast with jam, lunch can be lots of fun things like pasta with meat sauce to sandwiches.

i mean their so much for them to try! Gerber makes really neat snacks that are nutritious yummy, easy to chew and swallow and cheap u can find them anywhere as i found them in no frills... fruit snacks, puffs, fruit to go, bcrackers and cookies etc.

Katherine - posted on 04/20/2010




Yes, they do that. Just keep re-introducing the food the 'dislike'.

Bagels, avocado's, eggs, corn, turkey, apple, cut up grapes, cut up hot dogs(cut up small), yogurt, cottage cheese.........

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