My 3 year old refuses to go potty on the potty.

Christine - posted on 06/21/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have no idea what to do. I've taken off the diapers and let her run around in panties and I spent 3 days cleaning up poop and pee. I put her on the toilet every 15 minutes and the minute I took her off the toilet she'd pee. I've tried to bribe her with stickers, candy, toys, nothing has worked. Her teacher at school says she sometimes tells them she has to go potty and the teacher will take her. I just don't think she wants to.


Michelle - posted on 06/21/2012




she might not be ready yet. My daughter was having issues with pooping on the potty so I made her a chart with a calendar on it and attached a picture of a microphone which she desperately wants and told her when all the squares had a sticker in it because she pooped on the potty the microphone would be hers, she has 3 days left and only 3 stickers to go. We have been accident free for 2 weeks. Everyday she will tell me she went poop on the potty and ask if I am proud of her, and of course we make a huge deal out of it.


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Sarah-Anne - posted on 07/09/2012




i stripped my daughter completely naked from waist down. she was allowed to wear a shirt or a dress, but no undies. she viewed the undies as a diaper/pull-up and figured they would catch the pee and poop. all it took was her peeing down her leg one time for her to run to the potty instead. 5 days of this and she asked to wear undies and pants one morning. this was in March, the week of her 3rd b-day, and she has only had two accidents since then. both times out at the mall with Daddy back in April. She is even trained through the night. We tried to do the sticker thing, charts, rewards, toys, candy, praise, took away tv/movies/toys/ bedtime stories for accidents, nothing worked. we threatened that she wouldn't be allowed to go to preschool, and that helped for about a week. i think what really did it was the peeing down leg and into the shoe that did it. she's got a thing for shoes. We also started potty training when she started walking at 8 months. she was almost fully trained at 18 months, and then a cousin was born just after she turned 2 and since he had diapers, she wanted them.

Lesley - posted on 06/28/2012




my 3 year old has been wearing undies since the first thing Monday morning. He has done great on the peeing part but i cant get him to poop in the toilet. I tried the i will give you a prize when you poop in the toilet and he will repeat him and get excited and what happens he goes in his underwear.....i think i will try Michelle's idea on the pooping....

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