My daughter has me so stressed!

Joanne - posted on 12/07/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




Emma is 8 months old. She began sleeping through the night at about 1 month. Lately, she has been waking up through the night and SCREAMING!!!!!!!! No matter what I do I cannot get her to settle back down. She is teething and I know her mouth is hurting, but as long as I stand over her and pat her back she is fine. Let me stand up and move away*!>%!!!
Last night I tried just letting her cry--scream. She could wake the dead!! She stands up and hangs on and just cries. The momment I approach her she settles and will lay back down. What do I do??????????? Is this also just a phase? I am worried that I am teaching her that I will come running if she pitches a great enough fit.
Does anybody have any suggestions???


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Collette - posted on 12/15/2009





My daughter has gone through a phase recently while getting her second tooth. We have used baby Nurofen before bed, and that always helped. We have also used baby sleep training since she was 6 weeks, which covers newborns to 5 year olds and it has helped us through every problem.(It as helped that she naturally slept through from 7 weeks and we used the sleep training to get our day sleeps worked out)

Also please always remember that this too shall pass, always just as i think that i can handle whatever we are going through, it seems to suddenly be over. And your daughter is also young enough to undo unwanted habits and get the good sleeping habits back when the teething settles down.

Erica - posted on 12/14/2009




This is a phase. She is starting to go through separation anxiety. She realizes that she is on her own and vulnerable. This is actually a really good thing becasue it also means she is developmentally on track.

There are several ways to combat this. One I absolutely DO NOT suggest using drugs to ease the problem. If your child does not have a fever then you should not use medications. If it is teething try holistic approaches such as teething tablets, cold teethers diluted sleepy time tea or chamomile etc..

What I have done with my kids when they have gone through this is: One establish a bedtime routine. With my daughter (8 month old) We start with warm bath and massage to relax. Then I lay her in her crib with a favorite blanket since you should still avoid the use of stuffed animals to prevent (SIDS). Then we start the sound machine (mobile work well for this) which has some pretty soothing lights.

If and when she wakes in the night I always check her to make sure that she still has a clean diaper and put her to breast (I am still breastfeeding). She usually falls asleep right away in my arms but I ALWAYS tell her that I am placing her back in her crib where she is safe and then I turn the sound machine back on. Lately we have just kept it on all night which has reduced the amounts of time she wakes in the night.

However there are sometimes if you have gone through the check list and can't find anything else wrong; letting her cry is what is necessary. Baby's are smart and they learn the art of manipulation early.

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I hear you at times my son just makes me want shooy myself in the head.....i have heard a book called "save our sleep" is really good to teach babies how to sleep and stay the reviews and check it out....also try giving him some baby advil at bedtime as that may help, i know it works for my son n it can be repeated every 6-8 hrs.

Molissa - posted on 12/12/2009




Don't worry. It is a phase of teething. I know it's hard. My son did that until his first tooth finally broke through. Making sure he's not in pain really helps. She just wants to be comforted by you. You're not spoiling her. You're letting her know that when she needs you, you'll be there. I got lucky. He would wimper and wake up more during the night but he didn't all out scream. I feel bad for you, but you'll both be sleeping better in no time. It took about two weeks for the tooth to finally break out. After that, it's been pretty easy for the others to follow suit. Good luck.

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Yeah I`m going throw something like that. I don`t think he`s as load but me theory at present is change what she`s doing. My thoughts ischange the standing ovr her andpatting. She`s not forcing u to stand she`s allowing u to stand. She will take and attention from u, which is her comfort, cos she hurts. U can change what u do. She needs u how u comfort canur call. Sometimes I pic my son up rock, pat, sit get him back to sleep fast as I can, so I can go to sleep too. Patting in the bed doesn`t get him deep enuff in sleep for me to leave. Holding does. Knocked out for me he`s easy to lay down.I`ve tried letting him cry. Even changing my tone. I have just put him in my bed too. That worked will, till he feel off at 3 am. He`s fine, not even a scratch. Didn`t even sry. Scared the crap outta me. So I`m evolving it as we speak. Point is, at first it was easy to pat her. It`s become ur problem. So fix ur problem. She will ajust and still get ur attention. Which is all she wanted to begin with. Let mr know if it works for u. My son just cut his first tooth. Day before his birthday it came through the gums. So, hopeful my nite wake up teether is okay.

Widad - posted on 12/08/2009




Couple of weeks ago, I went through the same phase. Its definetely the teething! I gave my baba Camomilla Powder helps for teething and calming down as well.Its 100% natural & homepathic & it works wonderful! but also just be a little more patient although at times I do know its real hard...once the teeth are out (at least the 2 first one) your baby will be much calmer!
Good Luck!

Katherine - posted on 12/07/2009




It's the teething, mine is doing the same. It's awful I'm so sleep deprived!! I give her motrin 1.25ml and tylenol in between same amount. It helped a ton. Gee I really feel like we're leading the same life, I'm going through that verbatim.

Brittany - posted on 12/07/2009




Mason was doin the same thing for a while. I make sure to give him orajel before bed. He has a blankey and I have also been turning on the radio low for him. He does not like to be alone so I think the noise from the radio helps him not feel so alone. It is getting cold here so I have making sure that it is warm in his room so he doesn't get cold and wake up through the night. Make sure her belly is full before bed too.

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