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Kristina - posted on 09/17/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




What does your schedules look like once your little ones wake up in the mornings. When, how much and what do they eat. Also, when do they nap and for how long. I curious to see how close our schedules are.


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Nichole - posted on 10/25/2009




Eva wakes 6:30am for breastfeeding then sleeps until 8:30am and is fed again
we play until 10 then I feed her cereal, fruit and sometimes yogurt or avocado
11 - 11:30 she naps for an hour usually
12:30 I breastfeed then we play
nap around 3pm for 45 mins
breastfeed then plays until supper with us around 6
6:45 bath time
7:30 - 8pm bed time
wakes for feeding 1am sometimes 4am

Dayna - posted on 10/23/2009




My daughter wakes up around 630am and eats falls back to sleep for about 45min. 8/8:30: 2tbsp cereal with jar of fruit.
8:45-10:30: Nap
11:00: 7oz Breast-milk Bottle
12:00-2:30: Nap
3:30: 7oz Breast-milk Bottle
4:30: 2tbsp cereal w- whole #2 Veggies (tried sweet pot w- turkey tonight, she liked it!)
6:30: Breast-milk
7:00 Bedtime
1:00am wakes usually for feeding...
Then we start it all over again!

Lyndsay - posted on 10/21/2009




Matthew wakes up around 6am. he has about 4oz of formula and then goes back to sleep until about 8-8:30am. Then he wakes up and plays till about 9-9:30am and eats about a tablespoon (but lately more) of bannana or mango or applesauce.... Then he plays more until about 11:30-12 he has about 4-6oz of formula then he naps until about 2. Then Matthew plays until about 4 then has about 6to 8oz of formula. Sometimes he will take another nap after he eats and will be asleep until 5. Around 5:30-6pm he has dinner wich is usually oatmeal or rice cereal. He plays more until around 7:30. then he has a bath and another bottle (about 6 to 8 oz) and then goes to bed at 8 or 8:30. As long as we remember to change his diaper before we go to sleep (around 11pm) he will sometimes sleep the night. the only time he wakes up is if he is wet. My husband and I are talking about trying to wean him off his 8pm bottle to reduce the chances of him wetting his diaper so much. We stoped feeding him at night when he was about 3 months old. Hope this was helpful.

Kiley - posted on 10/14/2009




My daughter's schedule:

Wake up around 7:30, eats cereal and breastmilk. then play

Nap at 9:00 (45 min - 1.5 hr) we play before next meal if there's time

11:00 eat fruit and breastmilk; then play

nap at 1:00

Eat at 3:00 only milk; then play

Nap at 5:00

Eat at 6:00 vegetable and milk; then play

(sometimes a nap at 8:00, but not always)

9:00 last meal, then straight to bed

The schedule can vary within 30 minutes, but she's pretty consistent.

Clo - posted on 10/13/2009




Anastasia wakes up around 6:00am, has a 210ml bottle, and back to bed for until 9/9:30am. She then has cereal mixed with fruits and she's up for the rest of the morning, playing, listening to music, watching mom go about house work while she tries to sing, shout, babble and entertain me and herself somehow :)

She usually likes to take a nap before lunch, so she's in her bed playing while listening to kids songs then napping from 11:30/12:00 to 1:00pm.

Lunch time is at about 1:30pm, it's homemade cooked meals and then fruits or a bottle of 120ml formula with rice.

She's awake all afternoon until 4:00pm, she naps for about an hour. Wakes up to have some fruits and cookies and play with dad who by that time is back from work. When we can, we go for a stroll in the town or by car around 6:00 pm. Playtime is great in the afternoon as she becomes bored and cranky if she's left alone and quiet.

Bath time is at 8:30 and then she has a 240ml bottle and we hope for her to sleep right after until the next morning at 6:00am. But these days she cries when she goes to bed and she stays up until 10:00pm sometimes. Some nights she sleeps through the nights and other times she wakes up in the middle of the night. I still don't know why she does that, but I refuse to give her anything other than water and some TLC. I don't even check the diaper during the night because if I do, she thinks that the night is over and that she can play, when I don't :)

Courtney - posted on 10/08/2009




Here's my daughter's schedule:

Wake 7am, breakfast: about 4oz rice cereal and 4oz of breastmilk
Play time
Nap roughly two hours after she wakes
Play till 11am, lunch: 1 gerber plastic thing of fruit and 4oz of breastmilk
Play time
Nap again around 2pm
Wake around 3:30, snack time: 6oz of breastmilk
Play some more
Dinner at 6pm: 1 jar of veggie and meat, 4oz breastmilk
Play yet again, wind down
Bedtime 7pm: ready a story or two and lights out!

Lately she has been waking at night, I think it is just a phase, other than that she will sleep 7pm-7am unless she has a wet diaper!

Pamela - posted on 10/06/2009




hi on an average day Ewan wakes at about 7 am he has a bottle 120 ml then he eats 2 weetbix and a banana with his big brother at a bout 7:30 then he goes to sleep at 8:30 - 10:30 then he wakes and sometimes he will have a bottle sometimes he wont ( only about 100 ml max) and a bit of fruit then its lunch at 11:30 sandwich and fruit strawberries and such ( not sure how much he actually eats ) then 12:00 both him and his brother go down for naps and he will sleep about 45 minutes then he had quality time with me as his big brother is still asleep then at 2:30- 3 he has a bottle about 120 mils a biscuit and a nap this one varies anywhere from 30 minutes - 2 hours then its up playing with his brother while I get things cleaned tidy and preparing dinner then 6 pm they have dinner ( what ever we had the night before fruit and a tub of yogurt) then 7 pm bath time and bottle ( 40 - 180ml) and bed zzzzzzz

Melanie - posted on 10/06/2009




well, our little man normally wakes up about 730, he'll get some yummy breast milk and then he'll play all morning! we do everything from reading books, to playing with toys, and hanging out on his play mat... i normally give him mid morning milk at about 930. he'll eat lunch when ever daddy comes home from work on his lunch break (he gets an hour lunch break), so gideon usually eats somewhere between 11 and 12 (an entire container of gerber purees). we take daddy back to work, and then i lay our little guy down for nap between 1230 and 1, he'll usually sleep until 3 or 330. we pick daddy up from work, go to the park read more bookies! his bed time is normally 830, but i can tell when he is cranky, and those are the times we put him to bed early (the earliest has been 7, not willing to put him down any sooner), the latest has been nine. (sometimes it varies if we have plans for the day... this is just an outline. sometimes he won't nap then we'll just go to the park for the afternoon and he usually end up sleeping about four to five thirty)...

Rachael - posted on 09/30/2009




My daughter has been on a pretty good schedule since she was 3months old. Once she started sleeping in her crib in her own room, that helped. It has only changed a bit since she got older. (She doesn't take as many or as long naps). She goes to bed around 8-9pm (usually alwasy 8pm unless we are out and about) and she sleeps until around 4-6am. She gets a bottle and back to sleep. Then around 8:30am she is up for the day. She eats breakfast and plays for a couple of hours and usually around 11am she is down for a nap. Her naps don't usually last more than 30 minutes or so. Then she eats lunch and plays til she crashes. She gets her nap (usually around 2 or so...sometimes not until later) and we go for a walk with friends (She usually sleeps then too.) Then she gets a bottle, and a nap if she hasn't had one, or we just play. Around 7-7:30 we do supper, bath, story (but not always) and bed. If she wakes up in the night, we do not give her formula anymore. We try the binky first, and if that doesn't work, she gets water. If she refuses the water, sometimes I rock her back to sleep, and she is usually fine until at least 6am. Hope this helps.

Kaye - posted on 09/17/2009




My son wakes up about 5 to 6 in the morning and eats and than goes back to sleep. Than about 3 hours later he will wake back up to eat than we are playing for about 30 mins and than back to sleep so his day really doesnt start until about 11 or 12 that day and than he is up to eat and than play for the rest of the day no naps and than about 7 that night he takes a nap than up to eat about 10 than up until 12 that night. I know his schedule is so off i really dont know how to get him on one really so if you could help if you schedule is better than mine i could use the help thank you

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