No more breast milk at 9 months

Katka - posted on 12/13/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




My baby boy refuses to breast feed anymore. He likes his solids but he does not miss his milk. The only time when he takes a breast is at night. He bites me during the day and laughs at it pretty loud too. He has no interest in breast. Should try to give him formula? Is he fine with solids only or do I have to supplement the breast milk for formula? He prefers solids only.


Ashley - posted on 12/17/2009




My son quit nursing at seven and a half didn't help that I didn't produce much of anything. He usually had to drink formula everyday after nursing on both breasts anyways. But your son needs more than solids...try pumping, and if you dry up like I did (pain-free and in a day or two, guess I really was hardly producing anything), don't feel bad about using formula! In three months you can give him whole milk anyways, so it will be just fine!

Happy feeding! :)


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Mary - posted on 12/18/2009




Both my sons went through this stage for whatever reason. I just pumped and gave the breast milk to them in a cup. It took a lot of work to keep the supply going but they both went back to the breast after a couple of weeks. I also made my breasts available a few times a day after nap time to cuddle (even tho they went through the biting stage and were not interested in more than one feed a day). Eventually they both were over whatever they were going through and took the extra milk. It will pass. Take Care of yourself and try not to stress.

Alexi - posted on 12/17/2009




My baby girl does the same. So i have resorted to formula during the day and i breastfeed at night and thrugh the night when she is less likely to bite as she is too tired!! lol

Taryn - posted on 12/16/2009




DO NOT GIVE THAT BABY WHOLE MILK!!! while some babies do fine with whole milk early, it is safer to wait until they are 12mos old. their systems are still developing and dairy is one of the biggest food allergies out there next to nuts. my daughter is 9 mos old today and she has very little interest in the breast these days. she is curious about everything going on around her and will nurse for about 30 seconds then either bites(gums) me and laughs at me or snuggles next to my breast. as long as your baby makes plenty of wet diapers then he/she is not dehydrated. i am 100% dedicated to nursing her until she weens herself. my first baby weened at 11mos. she loves to nurse and when she wants it bad enough, she will sit there and eat but usually only one breast at a time now. (which unfortunately leaves me a little lop-sided) anyhow, you and your baby write the rules to breastfeeding. and if you want to keep it up...dont get discouraged. if your milk supply is running low, pump. you can freeze it or stick it in the refrigerator. my daughter is using a sippy and when she is with a sitter, she drinks my milk from her sippy. either way just do whats right for you. i also give her sippy cups with water all day. some days she drinks more than other days. any doubts ask your pediatrician or you can call la leche league. and if you do decide to switch to formula, dont let anyone make you feel bad. do what best suits you and your baby! good luck!

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feed him solids. and if you can't afford formula or just would rather not spend that much start on whole milk, my daughter has been on whole milk since she was about 7 1/2 months and is completley fine. all the nutrients they need from breast milk is well established by this time. it can cause allergies but my daughter is fine and so are my friends kids who've done the same thing. solids are great. just ask your doc you may want to change from just vit d to a multivit.

Julie - posted on 12/15/2009




Many babies do self wean, usually between 9 and 12 months, most commonly around a year. My son is 9.5 months and recently stopped nursing. He does GREAT with the bottle and formula. He has 4 six oz bottles a day. I'd suggest giving formula a try. If you have any pumped milk I'd suggest 1/2 breastmilk and 1/2 formula in the bottle until he's used to it. After all formula is better for baby than no milk. Good luck.

Carol - posted on 12/15/2009




I am going through the same thing. It has been about a week and he has NO interest in sitting still for anything. He doesn't even seem interested in toys, he just wants to travel and play with anything in the house that isn't for babies (sigh) Hoping it is just a phase. Good luck!

Ligeuna - posted on 12/14/2009




i stopped at 3 months and she is 9 months now too...she eats 3 solids a day and supplement formula! she is perfectly healthy! :) whatever u choose to do im sure will be fine!

User - posted on 12/13/2009




My baby went through a period where she was not nursing much at all during the day...but she's kind of back to it now. She did take pumped breastmilk for the nanny while I was working. Have you tried pumping and offering a bottle? All that I've read says that babies don't wean themselves before a year and that if they stop nursing at any time before that, it's just a nursing "strike" due to any one of a number of reasons, like teething, distraction, illness, etc. La Leche League International suggests continuing to offer the breast as often as you can, pump regularly to maintain supply, and try some skin to skin time--even if he's not actually nursing. If you are comitted to nursing don't give up, but in the end, do whatever your gut tells you is best Good luck!

Kathy - posted on 12/13/2009




my dr. said 18-24 oz. of formula or breastmilk at this age then at 1 year 16oz. the rest of his intake from fruits and veggies. mine is taking about 6 oz. more than that because sometimes he still gets a bottle in the middle of the night .

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