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How do you wean a baby from the breast to drink from a bottle.... i am having a heck of a time.


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April - posted on 09/05/2009




I bought Gerber's Nuk brand nipples and bought pacifiers in the same brand. I also pumped and put my own milk into a bottle for awhile which eased the transition. I have also read that having someone other than Mom give the bottle helps because babies naturally smell your milk and want to nurse. My 5 mo. old weaned completely just after 4 mo. I had planned on nursing a little longer but he got to the point that he actually preferred a bottle.

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i don't have any advice Lori. but i would love to know how too. i have had some luck getting my baby to take a sippy cup with a soft spout. she is 5 months and teething. so she loves to chew on the spout which gets milk in her mouth which she swallows. maybe give that a try. good luck!

Meghan - posted on 09/02/2009




We had problems with this too, until I got a closer to nature tommee tippee bottle. The teat is more like a breast and this is the only one my baby will take - after trying several different bottles! Hope this helps

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