Anyone's LO's walking/trying to walk???

Becky - posted on 11/01/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My little boy turned 7 months old on Oct 30... he has been cruising on furniture and walking around with push toys for almost a month he can stand on his own and sit down without holding onto anything... I think he'll be walking very very soon.. just wondering where everyone else' babies are at right now... are there any 7 month old walkers out there????

I love that he is so active and wants to do things but frankly, i'd love it if he would crawl for a bit longer.. I think it's cute :)


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♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 11/02/2010




My son Mikah turned 7mos on the 27th and he has yet to crawl…he will get in the position, but wont go anywear..he loves to stand and hold onto his (stationary walker) and the coffee table. He has been sitting up 100% on his own since he was 6months.

And he is zooming in his mobile walker….just all over and running into my feet!!! LOL

He was the baby that did not like tummy time, and would cry bloody murder when he was on his stomach, so that is one of the reason its taking him longer to crawl…he’s just starting to “Not mind” being on his stomach….SMH

Kimberly - posted on 11/01/2010




My little man is pulling himself up in his crib and crawling. I think he'll be walking soon as well :)

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My little guy is just starting to stand on his own (without holding on). He, too is manuevering around the furniture and trying to get wherever his sister is. He walks if we hold his hands, but he's still wobbly. But he is definately working on that! Scary how quick they reach some of these milestones.

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