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Hi Everyone! So, I was doing research online about WHEN to purchase a new carseat for my LO and found this website.....
He was 18 months old and 33lbs. when this car accident happened. Now I am scared to buy a new carseat and face my son forward...anyone else have apprehensions about this!??


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Shauna - posted on 09/27/2010




Hands down. Britax is best carseat out there. Child can be rearfacing till they reach 35 lbs. I would spend the extra money on it. Most carseats are crash tested at 35 MPH and Britax is crash tested at 70 MPH .... i have been in a bad car accident in the pat so i know these things happen when you are least expected i want to do everything possible to keep little one safe!

User - posted on 09/27/2010




Check some different conv. car seats. Some of them have rear facing weights up to 35lbs. As long as you have the car seat installed properly and the child buckled into the car seat properly...I have seen too many parents not have their child properly secured and didn't even know it.

Michelle - posted on 09/23/2010




I plan on keeping my son rearfacing until he is about 18 mo's. The longer you keep them rear facing the better. As Sheila said it is best to have them in the middle if possible. This is the best that you can do but I can totally understand your apprehensions after you go through something like that.

Sheila - posted on 09/22/2010




That's sad. I am always concerned about the safety and health of my daughter. I have the safety 1st complete air convertible car seat which also can be seated as rear. She hasn't used it yet since she's so petite and is still in the infant carrier. Also the car seats should be placed in the center seat instead of the sides. It's much safer.

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