Feeding schedule with cereal, fruits and veggies

Katrina - posted on 09/14/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I recently started introducing veggies to my six month old. He started out great, as he did with cereal for the past few weeks, but the last couple of days refuses to take more than a few bites of the foods he loved at first. He gets a 7ounce bottle of formula every 3 - 3.5 hours. I am wondering if he is just still full from the bottle and not wanting any more to eat. We've tried to increase the amount of formula and just give him fewer bottles during the day, but he won't drink more than 6 or 7 ounces for a feeding. I have a two year old son as well, and we didn't have this problem with him, but for some reason I cannot remember how we worked a feeding schedule with him once he started on fruits and veggies...I just remember that eventually he had cereal in the morning and a serving of one fruit and one veggie at lunch and again at dinner time. Any suggestions?


Bianca - posted on 09/17/2010




my son is similar with his bottles he usually has 4 7ounce bottles a day and wont drink more then that no matter how many times i try! my son also refused to eat rice cereal the only cereal ive gotten him to eat is rafferty's garden cereal (not sure if u have it where u are) but he loves it! mayb you should try a different cereal his taste buds may have changed
my sons average schedule is
7am bottle
8am cereal
11am bottle
12pm lunch- usually fruit
3pm bottle
4:30pm dinner- veggies
6:30pm bottle, then bed and every now and then hell wake for a bottle at night.
hope that helps :)


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Kimberly - posted on 09/16/2010




I feed my baby fruit around 10 am, mixed with cereal, then at 6 pm, veggies mixed with cereal. I give him a feed/bottle about an hour before that. After his solid food, he gets a nap in the morning, and a bath then bed time at night.

Taylor - posted on 09/16/2010




if hes only refusing certain foods, maybe his palate is just changing.. but if its everything maybe he is just too full. 6-9 month olds only NEED 24-32oz of formula per day. not to say if your baby is getting more than that its bad, but if you add up your feedings and he's getting more than that or even on the higher end, you could always adjust it a little to accommodate his baby food. i think you'll kind of just have to play around with balancing out your formula and food. there is normally a 14hr period between when my daughter wakes up in the morning and when she goes to bed at night... her day is usually something like this

8am: 6oz bottle

11am: 4-5oz w/ 2 servings of fruit

2pm: 4-5oz w/ 1 serving fruit + 1 serving veggies

5pm: 4-5oz w/ 2 servings of veggies

8pm: 4oz

10pm: 5oz

and then we do a baby cereal with either breakfast or dinner.

Michelle - posted on 09/15/2010




Have you tried it with oatmeal or rice cereal and fruit? My babies seem to eat it better when I have a little bit of each on the spoon. For lunch and supper they should be receiving both veggies and fruit with oatmeal or rice cereal. Something you could try.

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