have to wean my baby ASAP.. suggestions????

Becky - posted on 03/28/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




So i'm 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. I'm having really bad cramping and uterine contractions every time i nurse my son so my OB wants me to quit nursing immediately as he is worried it could lead to miscarriage. he wants LO completely weaned by Friday. I nursed him this morning but since 8am (it is 12pm now) i have just given him a bottle as well as a cup... i'm so sad and cried my eyes out when i got the call from my doc telling me what he wanted me to do. but i have two babies to think about now and don't want to risk my unborn baby to give my son longer time of nursing. I'm so proud that I have successfully nursed him for 12 month! He will be one on wednesday (in 3 days) and we have had such an amazing time together with it. I will miss it but am so glad that I provided him all that nutrition :) I had planned on nursing him to 18 months but feel good that i did it as long as i did.

anyone else have to wean due to pregnancy?

i'm due with LO #2 in November :)


Michelle - posted on 03/29/2011




I had to do it with my 2nd child when he was 9 mo's old. I found out I was preggo and he kept biting me cause he was teething. I couldn't deal with the biting so I started with the one week of just nursing him at night and giving him a cup of formula using a straw cause he wouldn't use a bottle.
With my little guy (#5) who turned 1 on March 1st I didn't have the choice of nursing due to breast cancer in 2008. Had that side removed and 6 mo's later had the other side removed as a precaution. So, I had to use formula in a bottle and when he turned 1 yr old I was finally able to get him to drink formula out of a sippy cup. He is now on whole milk drinking from a sippy cup. I still am able to have bonding time with him when I give him his sippy cup. It's just different.
Be proud that you were able to go that long with nursing and know that you can still have a bonding time with your child with a sippy cup : )

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