help my baby has colic

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I had my daughter on the 30th of march and it only took 1 week for her to get colic, luckily my other daughter had colic when she was a baby so we knew what we were dealing with. Unfortunatly like her older sister she is not responding to anything, I have tried all the medications from the pharmacy, been to a natropath and tried many old wives tales. With my other daughter we had to just wait for her to grow out of it which took 5 months and I am desperatly hoping we dont have to do that this time.
Please let me know what worked for you


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Bernice - posted on 08/14/2016




Tried a bunch of remedies and didn't work for my LO with tummy ache rather he was developing colic. Read lots of reviews on Amazon about Babies magic tea and ordered one jar. Thank God, it worked and got him completely soothed.

Sheri - posted on 05/05/2010




If you can get Hylands 100% natural colic tablets they are all natual products and worked really well for my cousin with her son when nothing else did and they have no side effects. I myself haven't had colicy kids as my daughter was never colicy and my son isn't yet.

Triona - posted on 05/05/2010




I had my son on 15th march and he got colic when he was about 2 weeks. I tried massaging his tummy, walking around with him strapped to me to but pressure on his tummy from mine, bathing him, standing by the tumble dryer for the white noise, driving around in the car, patting his back, and my health visitor said (this sounds weird but i actually think it worked a little bit) to tell him that its okay, you know it hurts but it will pass, he can get through it. She said its something to do with they don't know how much pain they can handle and if you reasure them that it won't last forever then they learn to cope with it better and after a couplle of weeks my son still screws up his face and wimpers a bit but doesn't scream for hours on end anymore.

Hope this helps

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