how soon before an expected period can you take a pregnancy test?

Becky - posted on 08/31/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi all... so for the past two weeks i have been super nauseous, tired, lightheaded at times, headaches, and (a bit crampy today)

could i be pregnant or just a 2 wk long virus or something?????

i really am starting to think i might be pregnant...i took a test on saturday this past weekend and it was neg but i think that was far too early....

my period is due early next week... how early can you test before your expected date to have your period????
i'm going crazy wondering if i'm pregnant again or not since DH and i haven't used protection ... oops

what are your thoughts? last period was Aug 10


Michelle - posted on 08/31/2010




Assuming you have a 28 day cycle you can test about 5 days before your expectant period is due according to the box. I have been able to get positive results (very light pink line) when I was 3 1/2 weeks preggo with a couple of my pregnancy. I would wait until this weekend to test.


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Bianca - posted on 09/01/2010




it depends on the type of test u take.. read the box n it will tell u the best time to test with each particular brand.. some u cant test untill after ur period is due or some u can test before its due.. or go to the doctors n they can do one for u mayb wait n see if ur period shows up be4 u go to the doc's though...

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