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Shelley - posted on 01/31/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




my 10 month old has started refusing formula. He'll take a bottle in the morning, but that's it. I've tried giving it in a sippy cup, but he won't take it. He'll drink water in a sippy, or HOMO milk, but not formula. I'm worried about the cow's milk, but figure it's better than nothing. I also sneak formula into stuff, like cereal and pancakes. Is anyone else having this problem?


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Danielle - posted on 02/09/2011




My little girl has been doing the same thing, she was born March 3, 2010. She use to get 3 8oz bottles a day but would leave anywhere from 1-3 oz. I thought maybe putting it in a sippy cup would help as she drinks water throughout the day in sippy cups but she still refuses. I had talked to my doctor at her 10 month appt and said that it was alright to switch her to homo milk by doing half milk half formula for a bit then 3/4 milk 1/4 formula until she is completely off. He also told me that it is alright to switch them completely to milk now a days around 9 months pending their health.

Melissa - posted on 02/02/2011




Mine has kind of started to do the same thing...he went from having 28 ounces a day to a 6 oz bottle in the morning and a 7 oz bottle at night! I can barely get him to have at least anouther 4 ounces during the day! I have read on other threads that many babies at this age are starting to eat less. My friends baby at around 9 months refused the bottle as well so I quess its normal! We also add formula into as much as we can...dont worry about the cows milk...they get it in yogurt and cheese so it should be fine! I am worried though because my son is so underweight...but he is eating like a champ so It should be fine!

Katie - posted on 02/01/2011




I wouldn't worry. If he's a good eater and he's still having his morning bottle I wouldn't be too concerned. My doctor told me it was fine to start weaning my son (3-29-10) off of formula within the next month anyway. Vitamins with iron might be a good idea if he's not eating meats or other foods rich in iron.

Jessica - posted on 02/01/2011




My son did this........we ended up changing formulas and flavoring it with a little vanilla......took about a week before he started readily taking a bottle. Now he is taking his 3-4 bottles plus food and some juice or water.

Shauna - posted on 01/31/2011




it might be a good thing! easier weaning. Which is recommended at age 1 anyways. My son is refusing some bottles lately too .. we have 2-3 bottles a day now. and sippys with water. i plan on going half formula have milk next mo untill we are completly on milk. but my son has been food alergy tested already, so i know there is no dairy prob there.

Sherry - posted on 01/31/2011




If you are getting him to take a bottle in the morning and sneaking some formula into other things then he should be getting what he needs. He would be able to be totally on cows milk when he turns one, If he will take the cows milk and water then he should be getting enough fluids, but you may want to give him the infant vitamins with iron in them to make sure he is getting enough of the iron and vitamins he needs. If you are concerned about him getting enough calories then you can always write down all he eats in a day and the calories to make sure he is getting plenty. I started doing that with my baby girl because she is under weight. She has reflux though and was never too fond of the formula. She will be one on march 2 and mostly eats what we eat now and seems to be gaining weight finally.

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