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My little guy has started to get separation anxiety a little bit. Not at day care or anywere else where there are people, but only if we put him in his exersaucer or lay him on the floor and walk out of the room to get something done. He wants us to be not only in his sight, but also right next to him. On walks he even tries to turn around in the stroller to see me, so I have to make my daughter walk in front of him.


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Michelle - posted on 09/07/2010




Hey Sheila! What your baby is experiencing is seperation anxiety. You can read more about it at or I am a daycare provider and have been for 6 yrs. Also a mom of 5 kids so I have seem my fair share of everything that children will go through. Some do and some don't. It is perfectly normal for your baby to go through this and it is a stage.

You just have to reassure your baby that you are there with hugs and kisses. I encourage you to read up on it on these websites and see if what suggestions they have may work for you.

Jaiy - posted on 09/03/2010




I would think it's more an issue with object permanence than out and out separation anxiety. Until 8 months old, babies don't understand that an object can still be there, even if they can't see it. You leave the room and you're gone, that's all he knows. As far as he's concerned, you may never come back. Another 8 month milestone, is the ability to make out objects from across a room. He may want you next to him so that he can actually see you and focus on you.

What worked with us for both our children was to put them down and continue talking to them while we worked in the other room. Every few minutes, I'd go back and give them a kiss, then walk away again. Eventually, they realized I was going to come back and were fine with being left alone for longer and longer intervals. Just keep in mind that crying won't hurt them. As long as you know their safe, there isn't any reason not to let them cry while you get things done.

Samantha - posted on 09/02/2010




try getting a mirror to place next to him, so he thinks someone else is there or he can keep himself entertained with the baby looking at him, i do this with my second who is the same, it works

Clare - posted on 09/01/2010




Grace is like this a little bit. Now that she is sitting up and playing with toys enough to keep her busy it's definietly gotten better. I force myself to let her have 'alone time' for about 30 min a few times a day (put on a dvd for her, place her in her exersaucer, or sit her up with pillows and toys around.) This has helped a lot I think, because it lets her get used to being alone. I can now turn on an hour long dvd and she'll be perfectly fine watching the whole thing alone and playing with her toys. I work from home a lot so this is veeeeeery important to me... if anyone else has any tips please let me know!

Lisa - posted on 08/31/2010




My son does the same thing but i dont think its separation anxiety. He's just use to you being around me or someone in the family being around giving him attention that when he doesnt have it...its a little lonely. for example, you have a family and when everyone leaves its quiet right? so you start to miss them because you're so use to having them around. So what we do is play with him..give him the attention he wants..then put him down to do tummy time and after that a lil tv but something that he's interested in and it starts to help loosen up those feelings of being lonely he'll start to get the point that you're not always there but that you'll give him comfort so he doesnt feel like that.

Nandini - posted on 08/30/2010




Hey Sheila, thanks for your post. It's very encouraging as I know I'm not the only one going thorugh the separation anxiety. I was feeling so guilty that I've spoilt my baby and he can't stay a moment without me. I only hope it's natural and my son'll grow out of it with time. Meanwhile, I'm trying my best to be there for my baby.

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