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Becky - posted on 11/01/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I was wondering if any of you knew when it was appropriate to let a baby try table food.... ex...a cheeto haha..
My LO has had all of the stage one and about 1/2 the stage two of baby foods...i feed him puffs (he is just now starting to get the hang of "chewing" and swallowing...

my mother is always feeding him a tiny bite of her yogurt or my husband's friend will let him taste the bbq sauce, etc... is this safe since i dont know allergies yet???

I was just wondering what you all do... my mother in law wanted to let him bite on a sugar halloween cookie yesterday and i didnt let her because i was afraid about allergies.. he's had oatmeal and rice cereal but hasn't tried anything with wheat yet...

what do you all think??/ when did or will you introduce tiny snacks... and do you let your baby "lick " your fingers or try a nibble of what you're eating at dinner???


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Becky - posted on 11/05/2010




thanks all... i bought him some puffs and he LOVES them... he's still working on trying to figure out how to use a pincer grasp but all in all is enjoying it :)

I'll pick up some of those yogurt melts too.. no one i my family has an allergy to milk so i think it'll all be good :) Thanks for all the input...

Kimberly - posted on 11/02/2010




My daughter will be 8 months tomorrow, and I have been giving her the Gerber puffs since was about 6 months. I also give her anything soft that she can mash with her 2 teeth or gum it herself. Just start slow and I think it is perfectly fine to start on table foods. You can start with the Gerber graduate stuff because they melt in their mouth, and then as soon as you feel comfortable introduce stuff slowly.

Sarah - posted on 11/02/2010




I do. Everyone has their own ideas about table foods. My daighter can self feed she can pick up the little gerber graduates and eat them so if we're eating something like mashed potatos or pudding I'll give it to her to eat. My advice since you seem to be worried is to let him eat the gerber graduate cereal puffs and yogurt bites, my daughter LOVES them.

Jennifer - posted on 11/01/2010




Hi Becky!
I'm new to the group, but I've been wondering the same thing. I had to take my son to the dr. last week due to an ear infection and I asked him about table food while I was there. My dr. said as long as it's "soft" it's fine for him to try it. But he said to still maintain the majority of his diet as it is for now -- Stage 2 baby food, oatmeal and mixed grain cereal, and formula. He said to stay away from anything with "junk" in it.. i.e. artificial sweeteners, peanut butter, honey, and chocolate because they are too hard for him to process. He also said to stay away from lowfat yogurt and instead try whole yogurt specially made for babies because he needs those fats. Since my family nor my husband's have any allergies, I have been letting him try a lot. Yesterday (Halloween) he enjoyed licking a grape lollipop and trying a teeny sip of apple cider. He LOVES Gerber's banana yogurt! He tried a couple of spoonfuls of some home made mashed potatoes and "fork smashed" noodles too. But, I think his favorite "big people" food so far has been vanilla ice cream!
Hope this helps!

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