Turned in foot. Any advice?

Sharon - posted on 06/22/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




My daughter is 15 months old, walking, talking, and climbing just fine. I noticed a few months ago that her feet turn in, not drastically, but enough to have caught the notice of many others. She went for her checkup yesterday and when I mentioned this to the doctor, he said she was fine and that it would straighten up on its own over time.

He is a great pediatrician and I have had no reason to doubt his responses as he has been helpful and available when needed. I just wonder if others have been in this situation and what did they do or didn't do? Someone mentioned wearing shoes instead of going barefoot and others say to get a second opinion.

Does anyone have any advice or been in this situation?


Carin - posted on 06/22/2011




I had this problem as an infant and ended up wearing orthopedic shoes with a bar in between them for a bit. I don't remember this, but my parents have the photos to prove it. I could walk and run just fine in them. At some point I only had to wear them at night and I learned to climb out of my crib while wearing them.
A problem with the feet is easier to fix when she is little since the bones are still forming. So, if you are really concerned just explain that to her peditrician and ask for a referral to an orthopedist to help put your mind at ease.
Given my own experience, if it were my daughter I would want the referral.

Kelsey - posted on 07/06/2011




maybe take her to the chiropractor. My feet used to turn in when I was a teenager but every since I started going to the chiro on a regular basis my feet are normal now :)

Veronica - posted on 07/04/2011




If you are worried about club foot, then don't. They check it when you get an ultrasound and again when your baby was born. My eldest (Donovan) was born with a club foot and I was worried about my youngest newborn (Nathan) as his feet were turned in pretty badly, but the doc said it was just how tight my little one was in the womb. I asked my eldest son's orthopedic about Nathan's feet and he said it's normal, but that I could hold his heel steady and firmly stroke the inside-side of his foot from heel to toe; holding it at the toe for a few seconds everytime I changed his diapers. His feet still curl a little, but not much any more. He says it straightens out once they are walking quite a bit. I would try that technique and then just ask your pediatrician again at the next check up or if you're that worried see an pediatric ortho. Your pediatrician sees plenty of kids with questionable feet (club foot most common birth defect), so he/she probably knows what they are talking about. I know yours is walking, too, but I would be more concerned if she is always walking on her tip toes. Good luck!


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Sarah-jane - posted on 08/14/2011




Hi my daughter is 17half months old and her left foot goes inwards, i took her to the doc and cos it has been like that since she was born they have referred her to the physio department at the hospital, as she needs a physio assessment to determine if she will need a brace or not. I would get a second opinion or wait a couple of months and if no better go back again.

Taylor - posted on 08/07/2011




my daughter is 17 months and i worry about hers as well. she is pretty bow-legged and her feet turn in. she has no problems walking or anything and i can tell that they have improved a bit since she started walking, but it worries me as well! her pediatrician said the exact same thing. that it will just work itself out. he also told me though to try to make sure she's not sitting on her knees or sleeping on her knees. don't understand how to take care of the sleeping part, but i always put her legs out in front of her if i catch her sitting on them.

Pamela - posted on 07/07/2011




i'm almost 24 and my feet are still turned in little but it has gotten much better over the years i hated it when i was a kids because my sister and brother made fun of me but as i got older i didn't care sometime i'll turn my feet in as far as i can and freak people out i would worry to much it happens to a lot of people my hubby's feet turn out our oldest are normal and our youngest turn in on most and out on others and he's 16 months

Kylie - posted on 07/05/2011




I took my youngest to a pediatrist when he was 11 months old for the same reason, they said he may have been laying on it in the womb to cause it to do this but told me to wait till another 3 months as the muscles still have alot of development and growing to do that it may fix itself.......i am due to go back now, he is 15 months and is walking, climbing, running etc but seems to trip over his foot alot.....

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My friend's daughter has the same thing. her Dr. told her exactly what yours told you. I think if they're really bad, they have kids wear their shoes on the wrong feet for a while. My daughter had a friend who had to do that. If you are really worried, I would ask for a referral, but it probably will work itself out.

Sharon - posted on 07/04/2011




Thank you for your response. We did mention it to her doctor and he stated that they no longer do shoes. I guess I worried and when she goes for her next appointment, then I might ask for a referral.

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