10 month old isn't crawling, or pulling herself up. Only rolls.

Naomi - posted on 01/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ilana is 10 months and 1 week old. She's a very easy going baby. She didn't sit-up good on her own until about 8 months old and in the last 3 weeks started rolling everywhere, but before that, she was very happy to just "sit there". She isn't trying to pull herself up at all and if you hold her in a standing position, she just wobbles at the hips and won't even try and stand on her own. I don't know of any baby her age that isn't at least crawling. Doc was not concerned at her 9 month check-up and I probably have no reason to worry... but I'm hoping other mommies with babies her age can re-assure me all is well : )


Antoinette - posted on 02/02/2012




I would say be a little more patient. I know its difficult but it normal. Every baby develops at different times. My nephew at 9 months old would barley even roll over, and most the time he need assistance to do just that. But, wouldnt you know at his first birthday party, he took his first couple steps all by himself? Now He's running around everywhere and you would never have guessed he took his time learning. My youngest (also 10 month) started to crawl around Christmas. At the time, i too started to worry because my older 2 were crawling by 6 months. Just remember crawling, walking, talking all that stuff takes time to learn, and just like when were adults everyone learns different tasks at different rates. Be glad she has given you a little more time to babyproof more lol

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