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My son is about to turn a year old, like most of yours. We've been having some issues with his eating lately. Basically, he's lost all interest in it. About a month ago, he was doing so well learning to eat table food and loved everything we gave him. Now, we are even lucky if we can get him to eat his baby food. He either throws stuff on the floor or slaps his spoon away. I know that, until he is a year old, formula is still most important and solids are only for practice. He is getting plenty of formula (18-24 ounces/24 hours), but it still concerns me that he suddenly doesnt want food. I know that this is partially due to behavior, because he is a very stubborn little boy, but I am afraid that he is also having bowel issues. Ever since we started him on baby food at 6 months old, his BMs have mostly been very solid, sometimes hard. When I've brought this up to his pediatrician, he says that he doesn't consider it constipation because he does go at least once everyday. But, when he does go, he strains, and its small and very solid. Sometimes, it comes out in pellets. I think that eating food stops him up and makes him lack an appetite. Has anyone else experienced this? I've worked with lots of babies before I was a mom and I've always known them to still have messy BMs at this age and younger. He's only had one messy diaper his entire life! What can I do to ease his discomfort if he is stopped up? I've tried giving him watered-down juice, but he doesn't like the taste of it. I've also tried giving him fruits and veggies that, in theory, should move his bowels along(like prunes), but nothing seems to work.

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