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This is embarrassing to talk about, but I want to make sure this is normal. I definately am not the same as I used to be. It's really hard for me to control myself when I have to go #1 and well sometimes #2 also... :/ I'm 23 and I had my first baby on March 19th and I pushed my heart out during delivery I had popped blood vessels all over my face. I have to literally run towards the bathroom if I have to go and I better get there!

During sometime air goes in there while we are doing the deed and it makes an embarassing sound and I ask myself I seriously that big down there?! It's never happened to me before. I don't want my husband to stop enjoying it because it's not like it used to be. Is this normal?! What can I do? I do kegal exercises but it doesn't seem like it works. Does anyone else go through this? HELP!


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i had/have the same problem since my first son was born (he's 20 months now) i went to the dr who has refered me to gynocologist if your really worried see you gp as scar tissue can cause a problem i had 4th degree tearing and nearly heamoraged so my scar tissue is severe and they are going to operate once baby 2 is born

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The other day I coughed and peed myself. Seriously, having kids takes a toll on our body. It's embarassing but it's life. Don't feel bad :( you only had a kid 3 months ago! Your body is still way on its way to recovery. So I wouldn't worry too too much, and look into other exercises that can help besides kegal. Give yourself time, and it should work its self out. If not, I have heard of a procedure doctors can do to fix the extra room if you and your husband feel you need it later on? You do have options. Heck, buy a viberator and get those muscles clenching more often :P haha

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I've heard the same thing as Rachel about waiting awhile before you panic about having to urgently get to the washroom. If it's still bothering you mention it to your doctor sometimes your bladder can "flip" during/after pregnancy and can cause you problems. I'd keep with the kegels and do them often, like everytime you hit a red light while driving, during comercial breaks on the t.v. etc etc etc. They will help.

As for the air sound during sex. I've had that too and it can be embarassing, but my partner actually said it was a pleasant vibrating feeling for that moment LOL and it hasn't happened in awhile now and my second baby was born March 2.

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hi there,
its normal to have a few weeks of post-nantal bathroom troubles. Its hard for your bladder to get used to have all that pressure on it! it may take anywhere from 4-16 weeks to get back to normal according to my doctor. I was ok after 3 weeks but I know what your sayin, you feel like you have to HAVE TO go lol and as in late pregnancy you can leak when you laugh or sneeze. I wouldn't stress about it unless its over 4/5 months of constant problems. oh and as for sex, i haven't had that but i hear from girls it just happens lol dont stress i'm sure you're hubbys having fun or he'd tell ya ;)


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Krista thank you so much for reply! I feel so encouraged now to do kegels! I will start doing my kegel excersises religiously today. :)

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I had issues with bladder control (especially while working out - jumping jacks etc, or even sneezing) for over 2 years after my son was born. I did Kegels whenever I remembered, which wasn't often. They didn't seem to help, so I figured I was just doomed to pee myself on occasion for the rest of my life! After I had my daughter (my March baby) I started doing Kegels religiously (mostly because a mom I know had to have pelvic floor surgery when her bladder and uterus where literally falling out after child birth). I read how to do them properly - squeeze as hard as you can for 10 seconds, then release for 10 seconds. I do them every night when I'm in bed reading, and I try to keep them squeezed tight while I exercise every day. I can finally doing jumping jacks without wearing a panty liner now!

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I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond COM's is supposed to send responses to my e-mail but has failed to do so. I thought no one had replied. Thank you so much for all of your replies i feel so much better now, knowing im not the only one :) If this continues Im going to set up an appointment witho my Obgyn/gyno and see what's going on here. :) thank you again I really appreciate it.

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