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Kristal - posted on 01/18/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son just turned 10 months old like most of your are. Over the holidays, he suddenly decided that he did not want to drink his Ianymore. We tried offering it to him more often, putting it in a sippy cup, and nothing worked. I even tried giving him water and juice, but he didnt want either if those either. Finally, after 27 hours of not drinking anything, he had a 6 oz. bottle of formula. His pediatrician was not concerned and said "He will drink when he gets thirsty." However, I was pretty worried that my baby wouldn't get any fluids for over a day! After that, we just assumed it was his way of "acting out" because we were traveling a lot and he was out of his element. Since then he was doing better with it and then suddenly, he started refusing his bottle before bed. He was waking up all hours of the night and drinking only a couple of ounces at a time. Since then, he's barely drinking anything again. Is anyone else going through this with their babies? What did you do? I;ve tried water and jiice again, but he barely drinks an ounce of water and he still doesn't like juice. I've asked his pediatrician if I can just switch him to whole milk since he is so close to be a year old, and since most kids like milk, but he insists that he is still too young.

Another note: This isn't my biggest concern, but we still can't get our son to sleep through the night. Ever since he has started this "phase" of not drinking, it's made our efforts of getting him to sleep through the night even more difficult.


Bridget - posted on 01/25/2012




My daughter doesnt sleep through the night yet. Some babies just dont. My oldest didnt until 18 months.

Have you considered trying to give him Pediasure? My oldest suddenly started refusing formula and we gave her pediasure. She loved it, and slowly we started mixing formula with the pediasure until she was only getting formula and it seemed to fix the problem. I spoke with her Dr about it and he said it was fine, but he too said not to start cows milk until after a year.

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