Marine Spouses/Girlfriends

We already have a site for Military Spouses, but this site is for specifically MARINE wifes, girlfriends who have children and live the military lifestyle. We are either loved or hated by people outside of the military lifestyle. This is a place to support one another and talk about any problems anyone is going through, and hopefully get to meet some new people, since we all know how hard that can be!


Hello Fellow Marine wives/gf

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. HI! :) Where is everyone from? How did everyone meet their significant other? How many kids? and Where is everyone from? I met my husband in...


live in 29 palms

So does anyone live out here beside me...? There really nothing to do out here. And Look something to do for my 7 year old daughter.


lonely new to hawaii

hi , im ruth . I just moved to hawaii in june . Big change from Maryland. I am trying to get together with some other moms that are new to the island or can teach me a few...



Hello everyone, this community is to help you gals, get to meet other Marine Wifes, who know what ur going through, and to vent about anything that is going through ur mind....