how do i get the romance back

Tina - posted on 08/10/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




ok i am engaged to a wonderful man and father to our daughter. i love him with all my heart.
ok so now my issue. we have been together for two years. and have a one year old daughter. with the pregnancy and baby ther was never a real romantic period where we were all over eachother. now i have not lost all my baby weight which makes me feel very unattractive in the first place. when i ask him ho i look he just says fine. i try making oout with him and he kisses me and then stops. he works like 16 hr days so he is very tired when he gets home. i understand that he is tired but i need romance. so i was just wondering if anyone has advice on how to get that romance back.


Ary - posted on 08/13/2010




I can relate here! My wonderful husband and I are now rediscovering romance in our relationship. To make a long story short, we had it really rough for a long time. I was battling anxiety and severe depression, and my husband got laid off from work in Jan '09. (He got another job in Feb '10). We both made a lot of mistakes, and kind of lost touch with each other, so the emotional connection wasn't there anymore. I never felt attractive or sexy, as I had put on A LOT of weight from having 2 boys. (I'm 5'10, and I weighed 214 at my heaviest). Finally, I got up and got moving. I started exercising, and became mostly vegetarian (I occasionally eat sushi--I LOVE sushi). I lost 65 lbs. I made some friends. I got treated for my depression. Then I felt sexier and more confident. I started doing sweet things for hubby, like texting him at work, packing his lunch with little love notes. Kissing and hugging him. TALKING to him about things other than the day to day grind and kids. We started making a 'date night' every week (nothing expensive or extravagant. Most of the time we shoot pool and have a beer together). Little things have made a HUGE difference in our relationship. Good luck, and I know you'll get the romance back =). Hope this helps :x

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