Sex Life????? sorry i am what sex life.

Jessica - posted on 03/01/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I dont have any sex with my man anymore. we have only been married for 11 months. the kids r home half the day but he is ti busy on the computer or the PS3 to give me time so. what can i do to get sex life back and in full again. he tells me i want a baby of my own but then we never have sex much. so baby's dont came from the sky LOL. can anyone help me and give me some ideas.


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Lauren - posted on 06/07/2015




Men mostly behave when they think they are losing their women so when all of a sudden life is not so comfortable for them or your all of a sudden not caring about all the things that make their life easy. You will be surprised at how fast your situation turns around. When you have a life of your own and are busy not even thinking about them they love that. And guess what I get massages every night now so I know what I'm talking about. People don't appreciate you until they almost lose you or they can't have you. I'm talking in general.
If your man has medical issues be loving

Adrienne - posted on 09/27/2011




My husband and I got the book "101 Nights of Great Sex" by Laura Corn. We liked it so much, we got the rest of the books in the series too! The books have ripout pages with scenarios to complete for both the man and the woman. We did one each a week. At first it was hard, but as time went by we both started doing a lot better.

Audrey - posted on 09/11/2011




Ya know they say communication is the key, I had a similar problem w/my hubby always playing on his playstation crap & I brought it to his attention real quick. I let him know I was feeling neglected & he actually listened and It must be at least a year since I've seen it out, he unhooked it and boxed it away in the garage. I like what one of the gals posted about going away on a weekend and totally rocking your mans world... Sometimes that intimacy needs to be hit up a notch. I would Talk to him about it, so at least you can know where eachother both stand on the subject. Good Luck girl!

Lilliana - posted on 09/01/2011




Haha y'all are funny!! Yes I agree girls! It takes work... I'm all about sending my hubby naughty texts at work! Then I know when he gets home he has been thinking about it all day!!

Shelly - posted on 04/18/2010




LOL @ Lori!! You go girl!! I totally agree with you. My husband and I have been married only 11 years but it's been a long 11 years and my thinking is just the same as Lori's! :-) Well said!

Lori - posted on 03/26/2010




*LOL* I'm gonna say this and people might think I'm absolutely NUTS!!! Think of sex like chocolate cake. If you have chocolate cake every day than it's no longer chocolate cake it's ughhh chocolate cake. But if you talk about chocolate cake before you eat chocolate cake then it's YYYUUUUMMMM chocolate cake!!!!

Tammy - posted on 03/06/2010




Send the kid on a visit for a couple of hours and just do it. When you have a child weekend romance is what you watch on TV. You could just be thankful he isnt trying all the time and making you crazy.

Brandi - posted on 03/02/2010




i agree with sheelah.... and find the one thing that u know will drive him up the wall and he will not want u to stop...and get ur self a really bad girl outfit if that helps for the weekend...

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Go on a little trip (or even just a weekend at a hotel) and give him the time of his life so he won't want to so much as think of his PS3 player for a loooong time ;) (I hate those gadgets! They're life wreckers! I've always looked at them like they're "the other woman"!! I'm so glad my husband isn't into that stuff!)

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