Married but single

For the moms that are married but feel single because your husband is always at school or work or both (like mines)


Help! Need family advice!!

I just had my daughter on September 9th. I feel like im raising her alone because my husband works thirds and sleeps all day. i cook, clean, and take care of the baby pretty...

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feel so alone

im a stay at home mom and I feel like a single mom all the time my days start at 720am eveyday when my one yearold dets up i change and feed him then at 8am my 3 yearold gets up...

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Just want to know... do you girls with being a "single" mom? I am trying to teach my kids good habits and my husband does the opposite and messes it all up. How have you dealt with this problem?

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Guess i'm not the only one

It's so frustrating when your significant other can go and do whatever they want and we are stuck doing it all by ourselves. I have been dealing with this for years now and i'm...

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Feeling like a single mom

There are days that I think I might as well be doing this alone. I am a working mom...I work from 8a - 4:30p, Monday to Friday (not including commute time...add another 1 hr to...

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Have you ever just felt so alone....

I know that my papi has to be gone to complete his education and to provide for us but sometimes I just felt so alone, especially when Fatty (our son) was first born...

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Sorry, Kris, I saw nobody had replied to the "hi, ladies" thread, but there are 119 members and VERY few conversations! THANK YOU FOR STARTING THIS GROUP! I saw there are others...



Wut do u do after bn separated from your spouse, then he comes back, u give 90% n he gives 10?

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Married but single...right here ladies!

I am recently remarried and have two kids from my prev marriage and he has two from his. It really is single parenting for me- I can't and don't expect him to do all the things...

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Hi, ladies

Hi, ladies, I know I have kinda neglected the group and I apologize. Things have been kinda hectic over here lately. I created this group because I felt lonely. I am married,...