Marvelous Multiples!

This is for all of the moms out there who have twins, triplets or more! Get and give advice and support to other moms all over the world!


Twin Home Birth... - Anyone ?

Just wondering if there are any other Mothers out there who have acheieved this? I am nearly 19 weeks pregnant with my twins and will be having my third home birth after...


how babies iron boost? and weight gain

I have amazing twin boys born 32weeks i breastfed them exclusively and by peds advice now i started rice cereal to thick the milk for their reflux but not that much thick the...


Pregnant with twin girls

I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant with twin girls, i have a short cervix. :( has anyone else had this problem with having multiples. please help me. :)


Give birth to twins without drugs?

I have had two natural birth experiences but now the OB says I have to have an epidural. I am fundamentally opposed, but she says it is best for delivery of second baby...


want to help

I am an home child care provider and i have a little girl in my care whos mom is pregnant with triplets. I understand that volunteering my time with the lil ones, making meals,...


bathing solo (with twins)...advice PLEASE!

I frequently do bath time on my own with two very active almost 1 year olds. I have to do them 1 at a time. They love the water and are so fast and I don't feel I could do it...



Hey everyone!! I have 5 month old Boy/Girl Twins that were born at 35 weeks and 4 days and they just started rolling over!! A friend of mine has a singleton who was born 2...


sick 6 month old twins

I have 6 month old twin girls whom of which both have chest colds. B/C of this cold,one is waking numerous times throughout the night. I'm still breastfeeding so I give her a...


cute twin story!!:)

so just thought i would share a cute twin story twins are7months and b/g they were in the packnplay together while i washed dishes and i hear them busting out laughing...


Increasing chances...

Hi I already have a 11month old son... Twins run in my family my mum was a twin and my brother was a twin.. My question is... Is there any way or anything i can take to increase...



ok i know biting is normal for toddlers and there is not much you can do about it but is it normal for one to have one object of aggeration see my younger twin is biting her...


Hey pregnant with identical twins

hey im new to this circle of mums thing, i have a three year old son josiah and im pregnant with identical twins, im 12 weeks and due september 27.