Maryland Eastern Shore Moms

When I first joined Circle of Moms, I wanted to find other moms in my area. I found a few groups dedicated to Maryland, but most of the members all lived over the bridge on the western shore. So here I am starting a group for everyone on this side of the Bay Bridge!! Please feel free when you join to send out a little message about yourself. Discussions are open to any issues dealing with your children, or perhaps your husbands or family. Feel free to talk about what ever you may need. Hope to chat with you soon!!



My 7 month old just got his first sunburn across the top of his nose. I feel like the worst mom ever. I thought i had him completely covered from the sun. But he ended up with...



I didn't mean to make 4 of the same posts. Sorry :( i didn't realize they had posted, so i tried again....


New mom

Hello. My name is Rebekah. Looking for other moms of young babies near me


Moving to Eastern Shore??

Hello Eastern Shore Moms! My husband & I are thinking of moving our family (us & our 2 daughters, 3 & 8 years old) to the Eastern Shore area this summer. He has a good job...