Favorite Moment as a Mom?

Sindi - posted on 02/02/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Of course I am sure we all have a million but I thought it would be fun to share some of the favorite moments that we have had as being moms.

A recent one was just a random moment at Chic Fila with Autumn. She climbed onto my lap, gave me a big hug and said "I love you mommy!" and then gave me a kiss on the cheek!

Doesn't get much better then that!


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Tanya - posted on 08/15/2010




i just love playing with my son it makes him happy and it makes mommy happy..and he laughs and smiles..we will go to the park and go down the slides..he loves it

Jazmin - posted on 11/18/2009




Joanne!! what was your answer for that question??? lol My favorite moment as a mom is every time i see a smile on my baby...she is only 4 months and i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne - posted on 03/27/2009




Although this story is a little heartbreaking, it still brings a smile whenever I think about it. My 5yo daughter's pet goldfish died and had a funeral in the bathroom. Then she starting crying. We're Christians so we explained to her that when our loved ones pass on they go to heaven with Jesus. She then gave us a weird look and said "Jesus is in the toilet?"

Candice - posted on 03/11/2009




A few weeks ago, my 3 year old daughter out of the blue stopped what she was doing, looked at me, put her hand on chest and said "you are my heart and my love" in a really sweet voice.  My heart melted!

Holly - posted on 02/19/2009




My son is only a little under 3 months - but I love being a mom. My favorite moments are probably the ones where he wants to be with me. Knowing that when he is upset or crying and just being in my arms calms him brings a smile to my face. I also love getting him dressed in the morning. He smiles, makes noises and gets so excited. It is a great way to start my day!

Evelyn - posted on 02/03/2009




My 2 year old son recently said, very innocently, "I love boobs." I almost fell off my chair laughing! Now, I did nurse him for over a year, so I'm well aware of his fondness for drinking milk from them. :) But I think his comment was mostly driven by the fact that we say "I love you" a lot in our family and frankly, boobs is a fun word to say.

I think I'm in for a lot of these moments...

Great conversation idea, Sindi!

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