Baby bottle tooth decay

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I think my 2 year old has tooth decay on his two top teeth. There is a greyish-blue tint to the underside of his teeth that will not come off. He doesn't drink from a bottle but is constantly drinking something from a sippy; be it chocolate milk, milk, juice and infrequently water (he prefers a water bottle or water fountain for that). I'm just concerned with what I should expect from this. I don't have dental insurance and wanted to know what type of treatments can be expected.


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Mel - posted on 11/13/2009




Stop with the chocolate milk, i've heard it's full of sugar, raisins and grapes are also bad for this, they stick to the teeth, if they do have this wash with a water drink or brush their teeth afterwards, don't let them drink while laying in bed it will sit in their teeth and cause tooth decay, this also means medicine, they are full of sugar too, see a dental nurse aswell, just make sure they drink more water than flavoured drinks, they will get used to it if thats all they are given. xx all the best

Danielle - posted on 10/22/2009




I'd recommend seeing a dentist. If you don't have dental insurance, you might want to look into They don't offer actual insurance, but rather dental discount plans. My family signed up for one of the discount plans since my husband's employer doesn't offer dental insurance. Let me tell you, it has saved me alot of money.

Leena - posted on 10/18/2009




If they have a grayish tint to them, I would guess that you are probably right. I haven't had this issue with any of my daughters, but I have had a few friends whose children did. Unfortunately, they ended up having to have the rotten teeth pulled. I agree with the first reply, I would take him to see a dentist, because rotten teeth spread like wild fire in a child's mouth. As far as the no insurance part, I would call around, and see if you can find a place that will allow you to make payments. Good Luck!!!

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