Birthday Gifts....????

Hayley - posted on 04/25/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Big month coming up moms, BIRTHDAY!!!! What are the gifts you plan to buy for your little ones? Can't think of something really original to give our son.


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Samantha - posted on 05/03/2009




We got Colton a diego trike. He LOVES diego. We also got him a few coloring books. But the trike is his main gift. I also got a set of diego action figures for his cake and those he'll get to keep afterward.

Julie - posted on 04/29/2009




Sara is getting a few books, because she loves them! I can't even sit down without her bringing me a book to read her. A new outfit for summer and she is getting a baby that talks and sleeps. Her two older sisters each have one and the fight is always on because she wants one too!

Antoinette - posted on 04/29/2009




We are gearing to get him excited about potty training, so we bought so far a potty training book called Ernie goes and a insert seat for on the big potty, and a stool to get on the big potty. Also since it is bathroom related we though we would get tub fun too. we have a bubble machine that mounts on the tub and all he has to do is hit the button and it blows multiple bubbles.

Then we also purchased some chalk board paint so we could paint his walls with roads so he can draw on his walls and drive his cars too. We are also making some magnet boards in the shapes of steet signs so he can play with magnetic numbers and letters on them. Also a big boy pillow for when we convert to the toddler bed. My mother in law is going to make him a bedding set for the convertion too.

My in-laws are buying him a full size dresser for his room. They are also getting him a easel for drawing, finger paints, cars, tractors, and I believe a ride on of some kind.

I know it may seem like alot but what we get him stays at home and what my in-laws get him stays at their place with the exception of the dresser. This way he has lots of stuff to do at each place.

Megan - posted on 04/26/2009




The main thing Sophie is getting this year is one of those art stands that has the chalk board on one side, white board on the other and it pins up the paper so she can draw or whatever.
I don't know what else. Not much this year she already has so much... maybe some clothes :)

Mishele - posted on 04/26/2009




We are getting our boys Radio Flyer scooters and a toddler game for the wii. They have an 8 year old big brother so they think they are big boys too!

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