I'm worried, My 2yr old is having alot of anxiety over

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I've been a stay @home mom since birth. I've breastfeed for almost 10months & have really been in tune with my son. I think I'm a great mom, but I guess we all think that... lol! Anyway, even though I stay home with him I've always worked weekends (fri -Sat going in at 6pm & cuz night shift I sleep in next morning till 10ish) He never really cared. However lately he won't leave my side. I don't know if its the age or he is really having a real problem. He cries horrible when I leave- like he'll never see me again. He has anxiety about it all week: he says thru the day Mommy don't go to work, stay & see me, everytime I lay him down for nap or bed his last words are don't go to work stay here. Last night he woke up screaming 2am mommy don't go to work, don't go, stay stay!!!.... What concerns me is that he is worring about this even when I'm NOT going. I always tell him when I'm not going I'm not going anywhere baby. AND when I do I say Mommy loves you, I have to make money to buy you toys, I"ll be back before you wake up!!! (and walk out).. To help give you more history, his father and I have been apart for a little over a yr now & well he has a wonderful live-in stepfather for the past 5months, who watches him when gone. I don't think his fear is being left with him cuz he is all over him & talks about him constantly, he even screams for him when I'm droping my son off at his fathers. KYle, my son, also doesn't even want to visit his daddy or his grandparents anymore whom he always loved before. He goes reluctently, but it still isn't as dramatic as my going to work. Although he also say thru day, daddy stay at his house, me not see him. But I think its just more having to do with wanting to be with me. Please help, tips & should I be concerned about the amount of anxiety he is having... Night terrors & all? I'm worried about my sweet boy!


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My first instint is that your son is being hurt in some way when you are away from him. This could be completley wrong, if you feel he is safe than he probably is. .

i agree.  1st and foremost i would sit him down to have a serious conversation and make sure he is not being hurt.  it is the last thing you want to think of, but there are some messed up people in the world.  so you never know.  if everything appears kosher, then he may indeed be having night terrors.  my cousin is 26 years old and has suffered from them as longer as i can remember.  i would speak to your ped if you think this may be the case.

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My first instint is that your son is being hurt in some way when you are away from him. This could be completley wrong, if you feel he is safe than he probably is. I work nights too and my daughter went thru a phase were she would freak when I left her side. However, I have been working nights for a year and she has finally starting giving me a kiss goodbye without a tantrum attached. Whatever the situation, good luck and I hope for the best.

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This is something I go through kind of. I am with my sons dad, but I am an all the time stay at home mom. When I leave it's like the end of the world. We do distractions, where if we know he really like something we take him to do it. Example he loved our garden outside so when I needed to go to the store or something I would have dad take him out there and 90% of the time it works. I also have a child who is 8 with MAJOR anxiety, and it stems from things in the past. I would honestly talk to your pediatrician. I'm not saying your new husband is doing anything, I'm leaning more towards your ex. A kid not wanting to go somewhere seems to me to be a sign of sorts. Yes there are mama boy's but if he's crying for your now husband when he's being dropped of at your ex's something seems odd to me, and maybe it's just me. A few years ago my 7yr old then 2yr old was left with my then boyfriend, I was gone 5 minutes to pick up my daughter from school. This guy who I thought would was helping me give my son baths and tucking him in at night was a bad person. Anyway I went to pick up my daughter, we came back and what I thought was laughing was a horrid scream. I ran in and found the top layer of my sons hand burned off. The guy was ironing clothes when I left. He said my son grabbed the iron, which later police said there's no way this child grabbed it, that there was a complete hand print burned into the iron. My son was always crying when he gave him a bath I would go in and check I'd ask why is he crying he said I don't know. Someone I thought I could trust was hurting my son while I was at home and I didn't have any idea. Later on throughout the years my 7yr old has come out and said more things other than the iron was done to him. He was actually crying in the bath because this monster was holding him under the water, trying to drown him, and when he tucked him in at night he would put a blanket over his face and try to smother him. I would always check on him during the rare baths he gave him, as well as tuck him in at night to and my little guy never said anything. And to make it worse the guy was never charged because of lack of evidence. But I would be really careful and listen to what your child is telling you, people don't think a 2yr old would know what's going on or remember this even throughout years, but is something traumatic is going on this may be why he's acting this way. My guy is 7 and still has a bad reaction about seeing irons, and talking about the bad man. My now husband wore an earring like the bad man did and my son flipped and thought it was my husband for a few months. It's scary stuff. People are not always who they seem, I'm not saying anything is going on, but if I myself would have seen the signs maybe I wouldn't have my little boy going through what he has gone through for the past 5yrs. Always listen to your kids.

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well i never have had my kids do the screaming in the middle of the night but it is usually a phase my daughter did that when she was that age she go for a while not wanting to go anywhere not wanting me to go anywhere then all of a sudden she wanted to and she didnt want to come back home when she stayed somewhere. it has always ben an on and off again thing. now my son that is the same age as yours doesnt care about anything he will stay at home or leave he doesnt care!! it is normal though for kids to go through fazzes like that. i wouldnt worry about it.

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