I'm worried, My 2yr old is having anxiety over

Amanda - posted on 10/09/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've been a stay @home mom since birth. I've breastfeed for almost 10months & have really been in tune with my son. I think I'm a great mom, but I guess we all think that... lol! Anyway, even though I stay home with him I've always worked weekends (fri -Sat going in at 6pm & cuz night shift I sleep in next morning till 10ish) He never really cared. However lately he won't leave my side. I don't know if its the age or he is really having a real problem. He cries horrible when I leave- like he'll never see me again. He has anxiety about it all week: he says thru the day Mommy don't go to work, stay & see me, everytime I lay him down for nap or bed his last words are don't go to work stay here. Last night he woke up screaming 2am mommy don't go to work, don't go, stay stay!!!.... What concerns me is that he is worring about this even when I'm NOT going. I always tell him when I'm not going I'm not going anywhere baby. AND when I do I say Mommy loves you, I have to make money to buy you toys, I"ll be back before you wake up!!! (and walk out).. To help give you more history, his father and I have been apart for a little over a yr now & well he has a wonderful live-in stepfather for the past 5months, who watches him when gone. I don't think his fear is being left with him cuz he is all over him & talks about him constantly, he even screams for him when I'm droping my son off at his fathers. KYle, my son, also doesn't even want to visit his daddy or his grandparents anymore whom he always loved before. He goes reluctently, but it still isn't as dramatic as my going to work. Although he also say thru day, daddy stay at his house, me not see him. But I think its just more having to do with wanting to be with me. Please help, tips & should I be concerned about the amount of anxiety he is having... Night terrors & all? I'm worried about my sweet boy!


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Christin - posted on 10/11/2009




my two year old is the same way. I am a stay at home mom, but if I am out of his sight he goes mad. He lately does not want to sleep at night as he wants to be with me 24-7. My husband I tried to go to dinner the other night and he was hysterical when we went to leave.

Sherry - posted on 10/09/2009




wow - I am just not sure - he is two and they are suppose to go thru that - mine did but just not as harshly as what you are going thru. My first thought was someone is hurting him- maybe something is going on around him that is not exactly good for him - or he is scared. Is your new boyfriend really good with him or is it an act - at Kyles age hes not going to fully remember the bad stuff when you are around but might get scared when you start to leave - set up a video camera - its worth it cuz its protection for your baby and your boyfriend doesnt ever have to know or if he finds out he should understand - there could also be problems with Kyles bio father - does he have a new girlfriend in the picture - is she wanting him to call her mom or something stupid like that? You just never know - maybe take Kyle to talk to someone - they are really good at getting to the truth - i had a friend (guy) whose kids were acting all weird and absolutely stressed when their dad went to work - he put up video cameras because he was worried about the babysitter - it turned out the mother was abusing them - horrible situation - he never knew and was so distraught he just blamed himself - I am just saying its something to think about. You never know these days - please dont hesitate to email me or anything.

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