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alot of moms have trouble getting their toddlers to eat veggies. well my almost 3 year old loves them and fruit also. what she dosnt like is any kind of meat she will pick at chicken but she never eats more then a bite. even chicken nuggets so i was wondering if any one else is going through this? should i supplement her diet? or talk to her dr?


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Anne - posted on 05/15/2010




talk to the dr. he/she would able to guide you the best. i just looked at the canadian food guides 'suggested' servings for kids and suggested 1 to 2 oz of protien per serving, after that i got confused (LOL!!). as they say with babies, keep offering it. pick the best you can to offer -- like all meat, no filler hotdogs. my both my kids will eat meat somedays and not others. we let the kids try whatever they see (like when your at costco when they have samples), we don't say you won't like that, but we do not let them have things like protien bars. this has led them to liking some 'grown-up' things like sushi, veggie burgers and fruit and veggie bars. make it fun, involve her with choosing and cooking for the family -- this was very successfuly for us when we wanted to get more variety in the whole family diet. we also hid food in other stuff. last week it was tiny bits of ground beef in tomato sauce that had lots of chunky veg, another fav is peanut butter and a banana rolled in a tortia then sliced like sushi (or served like a quesada) -- there are many combos - chicken shredded, mixed with veggies and cream cheese etc. remember peanut butter and eggs are consided protien altertives. good luck!

Becky - posted on 05/14/2010




My 3 year does this. She will eat veggies all day long. She picks at her meat.. Maybe takes one bite and is done. She is fine. Just make sure she is getting her protein in other forms. Like beans, eggs, and such. I was concerned with it so I asked the doctor and he said it was fine.. After all vegetarians don't eat meat. Just give her lots of different meat to taste. The two meats I know my daughter will eat is pork lion and hot dogs other than that I can't get her to eat it.. Also what I do is I cut meat up into tiny pieces and mix into her food like mashed potatoes or noodles. Good Luck

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