my son is out of control, he has reached terrible twos, im a single parent, so stressed


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Amanda - posted on 06/19/2009




Cheers for the comments, Christin thanks for letting me know what I have waiting for me in the future lol. You are very brave taking on both ages and sounds like your very good at it so I will take it all in and try my hardest not to break, I never knew it was gonna be this hard. But im willing to stand up and take charge lol xx

Christin - posted on 06/19/2009




Just find a way to deal with it, it will pass with time. But I will warn you once they turn three the terrible twos do not seem so bad, since the threes really are worse! They get defiant and test their limits with their parents, but around four they settle down and all is well! Good Luck! You just have to set limits for him and set rules for if he breaks them, and no matter how hard he resists stick to the punishment you set for the offense (make them known ahead of time" it may seem hard at first but stick with it. Get the ground work set in stone before he hits three and it makes the threes easier since it has always been the rules and no matter how much he tries to push it then it must stick. That is what the age range from 2-3 is all about figuring out who they are and how far they can push you before you crack! (Literally!) So set rules and stick to them or else you will loose your mind, do not give in once because if you do he will know he can break you and your rules! Trust me I am loosing my mind right now I have a two and a three year old, I have the fun of both worlds! LOL

MALIA - posted on 06/19/2009




Hey mama! i know how you feel!!!! I work, go to school full time, and i feel like I'm about to go crazy!!! all you can do is enjoy the good times and pray for the bad times to pass quickly. remember these days will pass and then we'll saying " what happened? I want my baby back!!" lol keep ur head up mama, and just tell ur self ur doing a good job, because u are!!!

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