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Ok my boy who turned 2 in may LOVES his paci and with his lil brother 16 months apart, it was hard to break would take his and he would take his brothers. aughhh but after my youngest which is 1 now got a cold and couldnt breath and suck at the same time, didnt want his paci i felt it was a good time cus i really only had to break 1 instead of 2. found that he was really chewing on the paci's instead of actually sucking on them all the time. he doesnt have a big problem going to bed without one but is now getting up in the middle of the night screaming and flaring . he hits and kicks you and will not stop screaming...takes us forever to get him calmed down and really falls back asleep on accident . then about an hour later does it this normal? and should i give in just in the middle of the night? its been about 1 1/2 weeks and some nights are worser than others..just depends on how tired he is...any suggestions or any one else having the same problem



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It seems like nighttime is the only time he needs it he is then using it as a security/confort object. You could try to transfer that need for the pacifier to something else. With my daughter I did it at 12 months and I just kept her really busy for a week or so- but she was a really deep sleeper. Around that time she decided that she liked to go to sleep holding her baby. Hope this helps!

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