siblings hitting siblings

Tamika - posted on 08/06/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have 8 and 2 year old boys, the 2 year old just started hitting the 8 year old, i say hit him back, my boy friend says tell one of us and we wikll handle it. Niether apporch is working. Help


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Amie - posted on 08/09/2009




it's a normal thing for a little brother to go through a hitting stage. They can do it for a number of reasons like attention, unable to communicate well, trying to get a reaction or last of all trying to show domanice. My 2 year old hits my 6 year old a lot and in the most agressive way i have found out that it's only my 6 year old that he hits. and my son is doing this cause he wants to show that he is no longer a baby but a little boy and the only way he thinks that he can show this is by pushing his older brother around. what i do is take my son away from his older brother and tell him that he can not play with his brother till he is going to be nice and i put him on his bed. he will cry and after about 5 min he will come out of his room and start playing nice with his older brother. They will grow out of it but untill your little one finds his place u just have to be pacient and tell him that it's wrong and have a Consequence so that he can think if i do this then this will happen.

Julie - posted on 08/06/2009




All of my kids went through a hitting stage. I think they do it because they get so frustrated or mad that they don't how else to express it, or sometimes they just do it to get a reaction. I would not recommend having your older son hit him back that won't help. What I did is stick them in our "naughty" corner and tell them that it was unacceptable, EVERY time they hit. They could get out when they had calmed down and ready to say sorry. If he can't say sorry yet you can have him give his brother a hug or kiss. Some kids take longer to get past it then others, but if you are consistent then it will work.

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