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LightBright - posted on 05/27/2010




My son is the same age as your son (yay, May 30th babies!) and we started having him go diaperless around the house at about 2.5. This has helped immensely. He is fully trained now but it did take a few trial and errors. We started off with a small potty with a removable tray for him to sit and pee on. He refused and would stand and pee. Fine, fine, as long as he's using it. Then he refused to go #2 in there and would squat and go on the floor. Ugh, not fun. We kept telling him no and showing him his potty. That still didn't work so we got him a seat to go over the regular toilet and would sit him on there when we saw him squatting around the house. It took about 3 weeks, but he eventually got the hang of it. Showing him his favorite big boy undies (Disney Cars) also helped him transition nicely. We also invested in a waterproof mattress cover for those occasional accidents. Just keep praising him, maybe offer a toy as a reward. It'll happen, so no worries!

Kristina - posted on 05/19/2010




well to start off my son will be 3 5/30 and he is potty trained during the day he still wears a diaper when he sleeping but for all day he is completely potty trained and he was very stubborn almost like he was scared to do it he would scream if we even mentioned the **big boy potty** we 1st tried to put him in pull ups but he treated those like a diaper cause they are not that different so i finnaly just went out and bouht big boy under wear and he didnt like the feeling when he has accidents in those so at 1st he would leak a lil cause he couldnt make it but eventually he just learned thats where he needed to go in the potty and now we have had no accidents and it has been about 3 weeks now...another tip is to get underwear that has a cartoon or character he likes and tell him it is not nice to go potty on ________**

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