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Payal - posted on 04/30/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




My daughter who will turn 2yrs next month has fallen off the growth chart. She has forever showed no interest in food except curd and cheese and now a little corn and pomegranates. The only thing that is keeping me from freaking out totally is that she is super-energetic and has started talking is 4-5 word sentences already. Her vocabulary is amazing, so I feel she doing okay in terms of mental growth.

So, how worried should I be about not putting on enough weight? How much does it matter? Any one here with a similar problem?

FYI, she's 20.5 lbs and 31 inches.


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Christy - posted on 05/10/2010




My daughter just turned 2 yesterday and we went in for our check up today. She is only 20 lbs still and has been for months! She is perfectly healthy but the doc told me we are going to have to go in every 3 months to check her weight and height just so we won't miss something in the next year. If she drops off more we will have to go in for an x-ray of her hand to see if her bones are just immature, if thats the case its no big deal really but then if not we will have to check thyroid. But I think she is jst perfect. She eats but its just through out the day mainly. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just keep food out like healthy snacks (apples, grapes, crackers, lunchmeat, etc.) and let her eat when she wants. I also have my daughter on Juice Plus. Ask if you have any questions!

Christine - posted on 05/08/2010




My son, just two weeks away from his 2nd birthday, is btwn 25 and 26 lbs. I get worried at times, when he is not getting all of his meals, because our days get too busy. I always make sure I carry snacks with us everywhere, so that he gets some calories in him. He is beyond, super active! The Ped. always says that he is the most active kid he has ever seen and he is always right on the mental and physical milestones, although ever since he was born he has struggled to really add weight. He has only gained about 1 lb in 6 mos., if that. I think he only gained a little over 1 lb in the 6 mos. before that, and at his 18 mos. check-up, he was in the 15th percentile in height, when he had been closer to 50% prior to that.
But, basically, I see that he is active, healthy, and learning something new every day, and I try not to let my emotions get the better of me.

Sahana - posted on 05/08/2010




Thanks was helpful, but i also think kids get their parents gene which deals with "to like food or not to like food" i never liked food and i troubled my mother the same way tht my elder daughter troubles me now.

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Force feeding has been shown to lead to food aversion and can just ruin a kids relationship with food, so please don't choose that route, though it can be tempting. As a nutritionist I have often told parents to let their kids grow at the rate they want, and eat at the rate they want. I say parents should choose 1. Where to eat 2. What to eat 3. When to eat. Then let the child choose 1. How much to eat 2. To eat or not to eat. As long as you are offering your child food every 2-3 hours throughout the day (meals and snacks) and modeling for her how to eat, then your doing your job and can relax. She won't let her body starve.

Ayesha - posted on 05/06/2010




my daughter is turning 2 this month...n shes petite too.sitting n eating properly in something that shes never interested in...she will b playing around while eating n at times i have to force her,,i used to worry alot but not anymore cuz mentally shes very active n learning new things everyday..shes a smart baby i must pedi also suggested that i shudnt worry much abt her..every child is different,,n as long as the regular check ups r fine...u shud relax.

Nycole - posted on 05/05/2010




Babies grow at different rates. My daughter has always been small and I've had to fight her to eat since last summer. Her pedi became worried because she SUDDENLY stopped eating and after a whole year was the same height and weight as she was at 7 months. She had also stopped developing mentally. Now after working hard with her she is 23lbs and 32 inches as of monday.

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every child is different. many many children now in days are much larger then they were say 50 years ago. the chart is just a national 'average'. which means as people get chunkier, the 'average' goes up. my ped always told me as long as my daughter is showing some sort of growth and development not to stress too much. she will be 3 in 2 weeks and weighs 25 lbs. a skinny little thing, but she is very tall and super smart. however, i agree if you a afraid she is not getting all the nutrition she needs, i would suggest a toddler multi-vitamin.

Mary - posted on 05/04/2010




My daughter is petite, too. She's about 21 lbs and average height. (We'll get the official stats at her 2 yr check up in a couple weeks.) She definately doesn't have the chubby thighs and big bellies that I see on other toddlers. Sitting down and eating in definately not her priority. I am always trying to get her to eat as she stands up, plays with her food, climbs up her chair, climbs down it, etc. At her last check up the pediatrician recommended Pediasure, but I couldn't get her to drink it at all! As wise parents have told me, my job is to offer nutritious food to my kid and her job to eat it. I think we have busy, bright kids and that we shouldn't worry too much! That said, if anyone has reccommendations for any favorite foods that their toddlers like, I'm interested to hear new ideas for foods to give to my picky little one!

Sarah - posted on 05/01/2010




My daughter has always been tiny. Right now, she's only about 23 pounds & 33 inches tall. If you are concerned you can talk to her pediatrician about it. He may recommend toddler Pediasure. She may just be a tiny little petite thing. As long as she's thriving (and it sounds like she is) you shouldn't be too concerned.

Amy - posted on 04/30/2010




Don't worry too much, every baby will grow at different rates. I'd say try to find new things she likes and keep offering her things. My son is below average and hasn't gained weight in a while, he also eats like a pig (the same if not more than both my husband and I can eat at times)!

You may also want to look at ways to make sure she's getting vitamins, they should have some ones she can take, it will help balance out things if she's not eating enough of the right things.

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