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Im getting my daughter baptized,unfortunately i have never been to a baptism.. I know what the ceremony is like,but what should I do afterwards?I was thinking we all go for dinner to celebrate..and to send out thank you cards with photos of my daughter posing in her dress..

We dont have much money,and a friend also said I should ask people to pay for their own meals,any suggestions?

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Tanya - posted on 02/27/2009




haha i really wish it was warm here for a bbq!but theres a problem with where i live.I live like 40 minutes away from everyone,i only did my baptism closer to my family.

I think Im just going to go for dinner,and my boyfriend and i decided to go to pizza hut and everyone just pitch on pizza,and were going to buy or even bake a cake for her.and im making thank you cards with her photosso i think thats what im going to do!Thanks so much everyone

Melissa - posted on 02/26/2009




depending on the temp and where you leave and all that good stuff. i say just go for a get together at your home.....if its warm enough have a BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs will be fine ( and cheap) make a cake or have your mother ( or mother in law) bake a cake its so much cheaper.......thats what i did for my baby shower i have a BBQ and made a cake....i spent like under 100 for EVERYTHING

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After our daughters baptism, we had a small family potluck dinner. It was only immediate family. Most people don't expect any party afterwards, so skip it. Have a potluck dinner with family and the godparents. Congrats on her baptism, by the way!

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After my daughters baptism we had a little get together. We rented a hall (which was actually free) and some of my family members brought food and we had a cake. I sent out plan thankyou cards and that was it. I wouldnt make to big of a deal about spending money because your daughters not going to remeber it. Just make sure to take lots of pics with the priest and everything! I hope that helps!

Ashley - posted on 02/25/2009




after my son's baptism we had everyone over. we had a cake, sandwich platter and crackers and cheese. we also served tea and coffee. depending on how many people are there paying for their dinner would def cost a lot so i would have to agree with your friend. we didnt have a lot of money either but my parents paid for a sandwich platter and my inlaws brought the cheese and crackers so we had help that way. it can def be costly!...good luck with your decision and i hope the day goes well!....

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