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We are beginning to potty train our daughter and wondering if anyone has any tips. She was really into it, and would sit and pee and poop with no problem. We thought she was to young so we held off until she began taking off her diaper and bringing it to us. Now she doesn't want to stop playing or sit still long enough to go potty. My husband wants to make her sit there until she goes (20+ minutes sometimes) but she gets mad and cries and I just don't think that's a good idea.

Wondering if anyone has any advice.


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We are starting to think about the whole potty training thing. Our son has his potty chair in the living room where we spend most of our day. Some times he will run and sit on it, with his diaper and pants still on, and stay there for awhile other times he wants nothing to do with it. He refuses to sit on it with his pants off. Just the last few days when I ask him if he has to go potty he will say "yeah" and run into the bathroom but won't sit on the toilet more than 2 seconds. Then jumps down and flushes and runs to wash his hands. We are not pusing the issue with him and letting him go at his own pace right now.

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I agree...its probably not the best idea to get into a power struggle with your child over going to the bathroom...the best thing you can do if find something that entices her...if she is into "wanting to be a big girl" talk about how big girls go potty, praise her on what a "big girl" she is when she does go, invite her to go potty when you do...really, Thorndike's theory is awesome when applied can google it, but basically for behavior you want to increase: pay; behavior you want to decrease: ignore..."pay" her consistently and for "almosts" at first...and "pay" is whatever works for your child...praise, stickers, story, etc...and ignoring is just that...when she doesn't use the potty, making a big deal about it, talking to her about it, or getting into a power struggle is still giving her attention and at this age just as much a reinforcer to NOT potty as a reward for pottying! :) Hope this helps and good luck :)

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