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My son is a climber. He is climbing on top of tables, chair, desks, and the kitchen counter and is already climbing out of his crib. I have no idea what do to. Anyone have any ideas.


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Amber - posted on 10/20/2009




Oh, I hate this climbing stage! Thank goodness I am not the only one. My little man once got to the top of my piano before I could get to him. Scared me to death. I must have lost five years off my life. He hasnt learned to climb out of his crib. I havent given him the chance. As soon as I hear he is up, he's out of there.

We dont bother pushing our chairs in anymore he just scoots them right out and climbs on them anyway, so chairs are all put up unless in use and he's not aloud on them unless he is sitting. Frequent repeated phrase: "chairs are for sitting. sit down or get down." All the toys that he uses as "stools" are put in his room. He cant climb on any book shelfs in there and he doesnt play in there as much as he does in our living room. Anything else I would have to say good luck.

User - posted on 10/19/2009




My son has also become a monkey with his climbing. The scariest thing for me is that he has no fears. He will try to jump off the sides of the couches, normally head first. So far I have caught him each time before he hits the ground. Other times I put a pile of blankets on the floor for him to jump on to...what a "fun" game. We have gates everywhere in the house and locks on all lower cabinets. Chairs are always pushed in under the table. We normally keep my son in shoes in the house so he can't climb the gates as he can when he is bare foot. I more or less encourage my son's climbing, but keep an extra close eye on him. If he is climbing on the counters and stuff like that when you take him down keep telling him that "we don't climb up there" and take him to something that he CAN climb on.

In regards to climbing out of the you have toys or anything like that in the crib that he is using to help in his escape? If so take them all out. Or like Cathralynn suggested try a crib tent. If you feel he is old enough you can always try a tot bed.

Myra - posted on 10/09/2009




Encourage his climbing while under supervision. Encouraging the behavior by clapping or saying things like "whoa! Big boy!" or other types of things will make him want the positive attention. It also will make him know he's not doing something wrong. It is very easy for things toddlers do to be reprimanded because they are, in fact, dangerous, instead of reward them as the accomplishments they are achieving...then you also have a power struggle to deal with. If you support his climbing, he'll move through it faster. Just keep a close eye on him, and place something soft under the landing area of the crib.

Maureen - posted on 10/07/2009




I am in the same boat. My older son climed even more. I took my older son out of the crib once I saw he could climb out. For my youngest son, I am constantly pushing in the chair so he can't climb on them. I put the step stool that it in the kitchen and hide it so he can't climb on the counter. I just keep putting him down and telling him no. Good Luck they soon learn what is ok to climb on and what is not.

Cathralynn - posted on 10/07/2009




My daughter is a climber too, I think you just have to be really attentive. I decided there would prolly be no stopping her so my goal is to teach her how to climb safely and what she is allowed to climb on and what she is not. I let her climb on couches, her toys (we have a slide in the living room!), into the high chair when I am there, and we taught her how to climb the stairs. I don't allow climbing on tables, or even putting feet on them and chairs are for sitting only (that keeps her away from counters). So if she climbs on something she is not allowed to she is redirected to something she can, or its taken away (like the rocking horse if she stands up). We have baby gates for the stairs and the kitchen so she only goes there under supervision and shelves are bracketed to walls. Otherwise have at it, just be sure you are present if the fall can be greater than the baby's height. Those are the most dangerous. For some reason my bean doesn't climb in her crib, I think I have her trained that's for sleeping. But if she does I'll get a crib tent. Or there's always a toddler bed. Good luck!

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