Energetic activities for busy toddlers

Jill - posted on 04/16/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )





Anyone have ideas for energetic activities for my VERY busy toddler?


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Liza - posted on 07/06/2010




my kids loves to play with other kids in our neighborhood, they just run, laugh, play ball and play pretends... they play with their bikes too. and there was one time i let play in the rain. im saw happy when i saw those little faces amaze in running and dancing in the rain. and if we are inside the house, they make them selves busy in writing and drawing in the blackboard, building lego blocks... they also love when we sang and do the action dance(like i'm a little tea pot, ency wency spider, dingle dangle scare crow and the like....). hope it helps you a little with this one...

Elyssa - posted on 05/08/2010




I have posted this suggestion on several other posts, but I bought a book called "the toddler's busy book" by trish kuffner, and I feel that it is the best 10 dollars I have ever spent.... I encourage everyone to check it out!!!

User - posted on 04/28/2010




My son loves to run outside. We have some hills in the back yard that he will run up and down. He will throw a toy down the hill and then run down to grab it and run back up. Inside he likes to play "tickle chase". You chase him and when you catch him you tickle him. Trucks, trains, balls, aqua doodle, shape ball, construction kit (play nails, screws, hammer, etc.). We also have a Children's Museum that he LOVES.

Mary - posted on 04/28/2010




Outdoor activities are my daughter's favorite. Aside from running around the park, she loves blowing bubbles and drawing w/ chalk. We hit the library when the weather is bad. Our library has toys and a train table, besides the books. Sometimes if I can't think of anything else to do, we'll hit the groccery store or mall. Just running around the store and greeting people is fun for her.

Samya - posted on 04/19/2010




my kids love to play outside with rocks,sands water i try to let them do once a day n they have fun doing this...they watch poems on tv they learn alot with this way...washing hands face doing there own work help them bz in activities they know from whr they have to pick up there plates glass,for eating etc but i really want to know abt more activities

Amy - posted on 04/16/2010




What are you currently doing with your toddler? Our son is VERY energetic as well, and were looking for some new ideas but some of the things we've done that has been helpful for us is:

-Go to the park or for a walk, If it's cold out find an in-door place some shopping malls or Gym's have places for toddlers to run around.

-Based on there interest, find some artistic things for them to do, Our son loves playing with things that have texture, so we play with Play dough, and put some dirt or sand into a plastic bin and let him have fun (Note with the dirt and sand you'll want a vacuum ready or do that outside).

-See if there are any chores you can have them help with. My son LOVES putting the clothing in the washer, and we'll make a game out of picking his stuff up.

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