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I am not sure when i stop giving my 14 month old son formula, he has not really had any interest in it of late and then some days he does. We normally give him a 5 oz bottle before going to bed and 7 oz in the morning when he wakes up at 630am .. should he be cutting out the bottle feeds now that he is getting older or do we continue...?


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We swtiched all our children over to whole milk and sippy cup at a year. My dr told me that it was normal not to have them drink as much from a sippy and that they did not have to the toddler formula. It was unnecessary. If he is showing signs of loosing interest this is the time to ween him off the formula and to whole milk. I started with a 75/25 split and in a week it was pretty much all milk. Good Luck.

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With both my kids, once they turned a year old we stopped the bottle and replaced it completely with sippy cups and whole milk, I never had a problem with the switch. I had already started weaning them off the bottle at about 9 to 10 months and replacing feedings with the cup.

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I would recommend switching to whole milk in a sippy for the morning milk feed. Or, if he's never tried it before, offer milk in the middle of the day (with lunch probably) in a sippy cup. I don't suggest putting the whole milk in the bottle. It tastes different than formula and I know my daughter has an association thing so I had her associate milk with the sippy and formula with the bottle. She didn' t know any different and was fine with that. Once he's drinking the whole milk fine from the sippy go ahead and switch out the night time bottle with a sippy of whole milk (may take a month but you'll get there). Depending on whether he uses the bottle to comfort himself to sleep will play a huge role. My daughter didn't use the bottle to help her sleep, she was able to go to sleep whether she had a bedtime bottle or not so it wasn't a huge thing taking it away completely.

Good luck!

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I'll just reiterate what Cathralynn said. We switched to whole milk at one year at the direction of oure pedi. At that same time we mad the switch from bottle to sippy cups. I still give her a bottle of milk before bed but I know that it's time to give that up too. I just can't seem to do it. I'm not ready for my baby to grow up!! :)

Cathralynn - posted on 07/29/2009




My doc told me to switch to whole milk at a year. We dropped bottles at the same time. Now my daughter eats no baby food. Only table foods and whole milk from a cup. Soooo much easier. I think they don't have the same nutritional needs as their first year now and no longer need formula. You want to give them good fats and vitamin D from whole milk and adjust their diet to be balanced. Check with your doc, I know they do make toddler formulas. But I think why not teach them to eat regular foods why they are young and establish good eating habits.

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