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Cathralynn - posted on 04/27/2010




My daughter still doesn't eat veggies, but loves fruit. Her doc says it doesn't matter as long as she keeps eating fruit. I cook veggies with meals and serve em to her, she snubs em, and we keep trying. My girl has some texture issues and still doesn't eat wholeheartedly with utensils, so if she doesn't like how it feels she won't try it. She's starting to get better and try new things, but I don't force it cause I don't want to make eating a neg experience. We try to bribe her, try a bite of blank before you can have more strawberries, or if you eat a bite of blank you can have a sticker. We also have sessions of everyone, mommy daddy and baby, hurry and take a bite at once! For whatever reason she likes to eat the same as daddy. I have had luck with freeze dried veggies cause she likes the hard stuff. I think ours is more texture than taste. She's always been that way, wouldn't walk barefoot on grass, won't touch sand etc. Good luck and keep trying! Like others said, we simply don't have junk food around and I throw in a vitamin to make me feel better.

Amanda - posted on 04/26/2010




My son Landon is an extremely picky eater. He used to eat anything and everything, but once he turned 18 months he would refuse to eat. He would go days without a full meal. He will no longer touch fruits and veggies when he use to eat apples and pineapples daily as snacks and now won't touch them. Instead he is now eating applesauce daily. I was getting so frustrated with him not eating anything healthy and throwing his plate on the floor until I discovered the cookbook "Deceptively Delicious". It has been a life saver. I no longer worry about him not eating healthy. I make him spaghetti and place pureed squash and spinach into the sauce. I also use puree cauliflower in mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes in pancakes. I still place the whole veggies on his plate, but if he doesn't eat them I no longer get upset. I know he is getting what he needs whether he knows it or not!

Mandy - posted on 04/23/2010




We haven't had too much trouble with this. Our son gets a combinations of both good foods and junk foods. He's always loved his veggies at dinner (I've always made sure there is some kind of veggie at dinner), corn being his favorite. We have both a junk food drawer (which is our of his reach) in the fridge and one that's healthy (which he can get into easily). He'll ask to get into the fridge and pull out either an apple or orange from the healthy drawer. We started him out on fruits and veggies when he started eating what we eat.

Sara - posted on 04/21/2010




my son loves yogurt and cheese. we eat healthy and he's always eaten healthy, but the last few months he won't eat anything hardly. he used to love greenbeans and peas, but will only sometimes eat a few peas! we rarely eat junk, as a matter of fact he sat down last night and finished off a bag of raisins! he sometimes eats bananas (which he used to love) and will eat apples if they are cold. and other than that, i can't even get him to taste new stuff! he always has what we have for dinner, but it doesn't ususally matter, he'll pick out what he knows he likes, and leaves the rest! its so frustrating! i know you have to keep offering to get them to try it, but most nights i feel like i might as well be throwning money away...left overs can only be warmed up so many! i could see if all he wanted was junk, but other than m&ms for a special treat, he doesn't even really like sweets...he'll eat an oreo every now and then at his mimi's house, but he mostly doesn't like them. so any suggestions are accepted!

User - posted on 04/21/2010




We started early with giving only healthy snacks and keeping the unhealthy stuff out of sight and reach. The other day he pulled a bag of apple slices and a bag of cookies off the counter, and he put the cookies back and ate the apple. I was so proud of him!! He loves raisins, grapes, WHOLE apples (even though he spits out the peals), string cheese, and yogurt. He also loves strawberries and bananas but they don't love him back. I started giving him different fruits and veggies from the very start to get him used to eating them. Olives, roasted peppers, cucumbers, zucchini...just make sure they are soft enough for them to chew without an issue.

Amy - posted on 04/19/2010




I haven't had any issues yet (knock on wood). My son actually seems to prefer the fruit and veggies. We just don't keep junk food around the house, and ever since he started eating table food he'd eat what we ate, and now if he's not eating what we are eating he gets upset, so as long as we eat healthy he's eating healthy.

We've also started our own garden somewhat inside (planted them in cheep plastic tote bins, that we move outside when it's warm enough) so he's "learning" how to grow good food. He's already tried eating some of the un-finished products, lol.

Now if your kids are just that bad, I heard Jerry Signfield's wife wrote a book on how to get veggies and healthy stuff into an "un-healthy" diet of sorts. I've tried a few of the recipes and there really good!

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