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Shannon - posted on 11/25/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




hi all, my little boy tyler is 6months on saturday but is so lazy its incredible no mater how long i leave him on the floor he refuses point blank to roll over or sit up and is constantly rigid. im at my wits end as every1else's kids can sit and roll. please help i need some tips ive tried toys, dummy, his blanky nothin works. please help me x


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My little guy will be 7 months in a few days. He can sit for long periods of time, as long as you sit him on his butt. He does not like to roll, unless you put him on his tummy, he will roll almost immediatly on to his back. He can sit from a reclining position, but not from lying down. He is very active: kicking his legs, waving his arms, and "jumping" in his seat, but will not roll over or scoot himself on the floor. He will "walk" if you hold his hands, but wants nothing to do with crawling. If you try to put him in a crawling position he will get very upset with you.

Wendy - posted on 11/26/2008




My guy likes to sit, but has no interest in rolling. He hates being on his tummy, and gets very frustrated when he can't be where he wants (either sitting or standing). He had his 6 month appointment today, and his doctor told us that his behavior is totally normal. She was actually impressed with the body control he did have. If you're really concerned, you should talk to his pedi at his next appointment, but like my guy, he may not be ready.

Shannon - posted on 11/26/2008




fanx every1 il try the hip tip!! if it dnt wrk il let him do it wen e fells readi. n yes he does get up on his side sumtyms. keep u al posted

Chloe - posted on 11/26/2008




Hi, my little boys 6 mth n he has only just started to sit up unaided, he's rolled ova 1nce but neva dun it since..Give him time

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Will he roll on his side? I had twin boys at 32wks(6mths now) and we have a developemental therapist that comes once a week to work with them on their delays. Both of my twins are not rolling over but they will roll on their side. What I have seen her do is when they are on their side she puts her hands on their hip bones and lightly presses down. They can only go one way. This does aggrivate them but it works. It just takes practice. I have one son that is extremely laid back. If you are concerned then I would talk with your pedia. It sometimes just takes a lot of work and encouragement. He will eventually wake up one day and decide to sit up, roll over, and start crawling.

Sarah - posted on 11/25/2008




I'm no expert, but I think he will just plain do it when he wants to. You never know, he might just one day decide to get up and walk... lol My Scarlett is 6 1/2 months and rolls and sits, but can't sit up on her own, you have to set her on her butt...

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