My May 2008 Baby Wont drink Cows milk HELP!

Claire - posted on 09/17/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hi Mums and Dads,

My lovely little May boy wont drink cows milk he just gags everytime i try. He is still on infant milk and i am desparate to try and get him onto cows milk i have tried to give it in a cup and a bottle even tried warming it and leaving it cool but he will not take it at all. Does anyone have any great magic tips to help me on this one?

Thanks guys
Claire xx


Cheryl - posted on 09/19/2009




I'm sorry, but why are you gals forcing your children to drink something that they are trying to tell you they don't want. Their bodies maybe trying to tell you it's not good for them- maybe they are allergic and by forcing them, you may have problems later. Try goats milk, almond milk, soy milk if it's a girl, or rice milk. Sometimes it's not just toddler rejection, it may be it's not good for them. Our bodies send us all kinds of messages about what we put into it and most of the time, adults ignore them. But our babies are young enough to not know what is "good" or "bad." If you sweeten it now, be prepared to have to sweeten it for years to come to continue to get them to drink it. I knew a little girl who all she drank is chocolate milk- literally ALL. I will not horrify you with her dental woos!!


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Esther - posted on 09/22/2009




Hello Claire, My little one was the same when he started at 12 months. Try adding quarter teaspoon of sugar to his 300ml milk bottle with the cows milk at first so that it is ever so slightly sweet! You're probably saying WHAT!!! SUGAR AT THIS AGE! But it worked for my little one! As he gets used to drinking the milk, start reducing the sugar until he is used to drinking the milk without it. Infant milk tends to be sweet and that's how he knows the difference. Also use the highest quality of pasturised cow's milk you can find. The lesser quality ones tend to be more watery than the better ones! Let us know how it goes!

Barbara - posted on 09/21/2009




Try's latose n tolorante. My little boy was the same way and it wasn't pleasent and when we got him on that he did a whole lot better. He was on that for about 6 months before he transfered to cow's milk. You may want to try it!

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Try NIDO. Its a product by Nestle Company. I make 4 oz of NIDO and then pour the rest of the way with whole milk. My daughter seems to like it alright. We just transitioned off of 2nd stage formula about 2 weeks ago. NIDO is a powdered whole milk that is fortified for toddlers and is slightly sweet.

Penny - posted on 09/18/2009




I added a little cows milk with his formula and each week I added more. 2 ounces at a time until he was drinking all milk. A little each week he never noticed and it was smooth transition with his body too. 6 ounces formulas 2 ounces milk is how I started. The second week it was 4 of each and the 3rd week 6 milk and 2 formula. By week 4 he was on all milk and doing great.

Cathralynn - posted on 09/18/2009




I did what jessica said. Cold turkey and no other options, my daughter never gagged she simply refused for two days then gave in and drank the milk from a cup. Supplement with dairy solids, cheese and yogurt to keep up nutrition and offer only water otherwise. Some people have had success doing mixes of formula and whole milk to get them used to the taste then lessening until it is all milk. Another idea, but I think it just prolongs the process. Good luck!

Claire - posted on 09/17/2009




Hi Jessica,

I have tried doing that but everytime he gags, but i only did it for a day or 2 and gave in so maybe if i go at it hard he might just come round the strawberry is a good idea might give that a go and see how he takes to that fingers crossed. thanks for you advise. x

Jessica - posted on 09/17/2009




Hi claire,

I don't share your problem, but I have a few ideas. If I were you I would try not giving in and going back to the infant milk (for 1 day or 2 - not long because he still needs what is in milk), every couple hrs just try giving him cows milk. If you react to the gagging he knows you will just give him what he is used to. If that fails put the tiniest bit of cocoa or strawberry powder in it (but put a little wet dab on the sippy cup top or bottle nipple), he will think he is getting a treat.

Good luck!!

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