My sons 2nd birthday is coming up what are good presents?I

Sarah - posted on 01/30/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




I really wanted to get him a swing set and have talked about for months with my husband but, we have a friend and their little boy is 3 months older than my son and thats what they are getting him....Any Ideas would be great as I like to be diff. from everyone else. Thanks!


Megan - posted on 02/08/2010




My son will be 2 on the 4th of may and he has so many toys that storage is becoming a problem. He already got everything for xmas past except table and chairs so i'm leaning towards that. Or those small plastic slides for outside as he loves slides only his birthday is in winter and he wont be able 2 play much outside. So get something he doesnt already have and it dont matter if someone else has the same.

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We got my son a table and chairs for Christmas and he loves it! He sits there to eat his dinner, plays with his toys, colors, etc at it. Right now he is really into his wood building blocks and "tool" set. He walks around with his hard hat on and tries to fix things with his hammer and wrench. When my son goes to his cousin's house, he has a little kitchen set. My son LOVES to play with it. If you really want to get your son a swing set for his birthday, get it. It shouldn't matter what your friend is getting for their child.


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Shaye - posted on 02/10/2010




I'm going to put together a dress up box for my daughter with just hats. She hates regular hats but loves fireman, nurse, construction etc. types hats. There are some nice play ones at Michaels' craft stores right now if you are near one.

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The big hit for my son at Christmas was a wooden stepping stool. (Here's a link to a a stool by the same company, but we have an airplane on top: .) My son LOVES his stool. I put felt on the bottom so he can push it around without scratching the floor, and he even carries it from room to room. He'll sit by the window on it, or try to reach the sink. It's not a toy (per se), but it'll come in handy for years and can become a family heirloom. Kids don't need fancy, expensive gifts to make them happy.

(As for Tamika's comment about crayons and coloring pencils, I highly recommend the Crayola Twistable crayons. There's no paper that can be ripped off, the crayon doesn't break and they're not messy.)

Anita - posted on 02/06/2010




Hi there my son will be 2 on 9th may, we got him swing set for xmas he loves it aslo he got a big trampoline and a sand pit which he also loves, his great auntys got him an eletric battery opperated ride on train that he loves he also has a car that we got him for his 1st bday so maybe a battery opperated 4 wheeler or something we are thinking of one of those trikes that have the long handle in which you can steer it or they can when old enough.

Tamika - posted on 02/05/2010




my son is going to be 2 soon as well and got everything he could possibly want for xmas. so im having the same problem. I am thinking I will get him a chalk board/dry erase board eisle (sp?) he eats crayons, and breaks colored pencils, and i wont try markers so chalk is my next option. lol.

Amy - posted on 02/03/2010




Take a look at what your son has, and try to find a category or type of thing that he's lacking. Does he have much outside toys? If not look at some of those, like a little trycle or other foot-operated toys. If he needs some inside toys maybe something that would help his creative side.

We are expecting baby #2 and he's currently in his toddler bed (that can convert to a full size bed, but will be used for a crib when the baby is here). So were getting him a full size bed. My dad is making the frame with a drawer on the bottom and were buying him a nice new firm matrace.

Katy - posted on 02/03/2010




my son is gonna be two soon aswel and i have got the same problem but after a recent trip to funky monkeys i found he loved the play house so am thinkin of gettin one for the garden. The little table and chairs works a treat he loves sitting their doing all his colouring and playing with his play dough. the ball pit is great as long as you dont mind picking up a million balls a day lol. i'm sure what ever you get him he'll love.

Cori - posted on 02/02/2010




My soon to be 2-year old son loves anything with music and educational, like things that show him a dog and says dog, he'll repeat it. He also loves cars and balls. His new thing now is a tent and a bike. His grandma is buying him a powerwheel, since he love the cars and bikes so much. I was thinking of outdoor things for him to learn and play on, since we're outside most of the time when the weather is nice.

Jessica - posted on 01/31/2010




we have just recently got a swing set ( with the toddler seat) for our son.. he LOVES it.. when he is being a monster i put him in the swing with in 30 mins he is asleep.. so I love the swing. We are thinking of a ball pit for our son.. he loves balls

Melaina - posted on 01/31/2010




My son just got a little table and chairs set as an early birthday present from his Grandma, and he loves it! He's been sitting at it and colouring for most of the past two days!

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