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Rosemary - posted on 11/04/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




need some more ideas on with i can do with my daughter doring the day she pans.... and i found some games on my lap top that i can have her play.....but i am wonting to have some outher things to do with her hands on and so she can lurn........ thank you


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Jacque - posted on 11/09/2010




We love to finger paint with baby food/edible food on freezer paper. It drys just like paint. Making sugar cookies and using food coloring to paint on them. We make edible play dough and use are cookie cutter to learn shapes, letter, and animals.

User - posted on 11/09/2010




My son loves to draw. I put paper on the fridge with magnets and he stands there and colors on them. He also likes to build with legos and stacking blocks. I have him name the colors of the blocks, the letters and numbers on the sides of the blocks, count how many blocks are in each tower, etc. That way he is learning but it is still a game at the same time. We also play hide-n-seek with his stuffed animals. He hides them and I have to find them. Then I hide them and he has to find them.

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