Northwick Park Hospital (Harrow, Middlesex, Uk) Scandal

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Northwick Park Scandal/Scam written by Anoushka Sutton

(Article with the Uk Press) I know the general public is aware there is a great deal of bad publicity surrounding Northwick Park’s Hospitals anti natal and post natal units; I can personally say from personal experience that every bit of publicity surrounding these units is true and the extent of their illegal activities – even whilst they are under investigation needs publicizing. I think that no pregnant women should go to Northwick Park Hospital for medical treatment. I would strongly urge any pregnant woman to go to any other hospital in London or Middlesex than to have to personally endure any hellish experience at the hands of the medical staff at Northwick Park’s anti natal and post natal units.

Basically Northwick Park Anti Natal and Post Natal Units are exploiting and misusing “The NHS charges to Visitors Regulations Act 1989 “. This said act claims that they charge a pregnant woman an outstanding £3000 for a delivery of their baby! All providing the woman in question has their child delivered at Northwick Park. At Northwick Park they basically exploit and misuse this leglisation for a highly illegal scam, providing that the woman in question is a British citizen and is no longer deemed a resident in the Uk. The Uk law deems that any person who leaves the Uk for more than 2 months at a time is no longer deemed a resident of the country even if you are a citizen or a British national such as myself. So basically if you have lived outside the Uk in any non EC country for over 2 months, you are no longer considered a resident of the country. The law requires you to be residing in the UK from your return of entry for a period of 6 months to be considered a resident! Personally, I think it’s time for a change in current leglisation to overturn the English Act of British Nationality Act 1981 so that a British citizen can live outside the UK for a period of longer than 2 months and not be classified as a non resident. At Northwick Park they exploit this act by targeting British women such as myself who are pregnant and who are no longer considered a resident of the UK. Obviously if you stay in the Uk for a period of 6 months plus, you will be considered a resident of the country and The NHS Charges to Visitors Regulations Act 1989 is not applicable. However, there are loopholes in this act. Even to forcibly charge a woman for medical treatment, specifically for the delivery of their baby if you are a person of low means/income is a complete violation of your human rights under The Human Rights Act 1988. Therefore you can claim to the hospital in question if they try to charge any money for a delivery that they are violating your human rights and can no charge you a penny even under the NHS. Also the other loophole in the law claims that a hospital can not charge you any money for treatment – you will be “exempt from charges anyone who has lived overseas who has had at least 5-10 years continuous residency in the Uk. Or if you are British and residing overseas and return to the Uk every 2 years, then you are exempt from charges. “

Why you may ask is all of the above so important, unless you are like myself and have a legal background – if you are British and deemed a non resident – like I was you will fall prey to Northwick Park’s Hospital despicable scam. This is why I wish for everyone to know their rights and the law. Basically Northwick Park exploit this leglisation by harassing British (non resident) pregnant women in such a way that they will leave the Uk within the 6 month time period – obviously they have to have their child delivered there and if the patient leaves within the 6 month time frame from first entry (which is their objective) so that you will not be deemed a resident of the Uk and they in turn can charge you a scandalous £3000 for a delivery of your child! Therefore in turn the staff and criminals (as outsiders not involved in the medical profession) involved in this highly illegal scam make themselves a tidy profit of £3000 mainly I might add by illegal harassment, slander, libel and violating you and your child’s human rights as this is the extent of their underhand tactics involved in the scam.. This is why I wish for every pregnant woman out there to know their rights and the current leglisation so that no NHS hospital in the Uk will be able to charge them a penny for NHS medical treatment.

The anti natal and post natal units at Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, and Middlesex have scandalously carried out this scam for a long duration (I am not at liberty to know the exact duration of this atrocious scam and behaviour) on countless number of British women including myself. They are still carrying out this scam and will continue to do so until the authorities have finished investigating and prosecuted the guilty offenders. I personally feel after the level of harassment and slander that I was subjected to there that they should permanently close down their anti natal and post natal units there again. Until this should happen, I wish for no other pregnant women to fall victim to their despicable scam.

Obviously most people are not aware of their rights or the English legal system which is how the defendants involved in this scam have been able to successfully execute this scam for months now on countless number of victims. The scam is orgstraited by renown South African criminal Catherine Krake (who currently resides in the UK) – she is currently under investigation by The Home Office for her crimes. She claims to run a property business called “London Rooms” – which had rooms to rent in Barking (Essex) and Stratford (East London). (The Home Office will confirm who she is). This front is a cover to put more victims subjected to crime particularly stalking and identity theft. My advice to anyone would be to avoid any said room run by Catherine Krake. Her scam at Northwick Park is one of many that she is currently under investigation for by The Home Office. The police in Harrow will also collaborate my story as Catherine Krake is renown in the Harrow area and has previous form.

I am a British woman who was a civil servant and who has a strong legal background. I was personally subjected last year to the monstrosity of Catherine Krake and her associates scams and crimes. I personally witnessed all of their illegal activities, which is why I reported all of the defendants to The Home Office for prosecution. They are mainly under investigation by Immigration as the majority of these criminals in question are South African and Nigerian, yet they were committing highly skilled crime on British women (and other Europeans, with their identity theft).

Last year when I was pregnant I returned to the Uk. I can truly say being pregnant in the Uk and living in Harrow was the worst experience of my life. I had never lived in Harrow until such time (I lived in one of my father’s houses there for 4 months), therefore I had no idea how horrendous and full of criminal activity the area truly is. Suffice to say I would say that Harrow in Middlesex is truly harrowing! Personally, I feel that the location is a prime reason – as it is not too far from London Heathrow to be an area of high crime.

I had a truly terrible pregnancy – plagued with non stop infections – which I basically did not receive treatment for the majority of them. I had kidney infections and yeast infections – due to the severe lack of medical treatment I received from Northwick Park Hospital etc – this resulted in me having pre-mature bleeding twice. In all of my life, I have never received such terrible treatment from a NHS Hospital in my life – which is why they are so clinically negligent under The Clinical Negligence Act 1999. I can really

see why so many women have died after labour there.

Because of my infections and pre-mature bleeding, I was hospitalized twice at Northwick Park Anti natal unit – which is why I personally under covered the true extent of their underhand scams, allegedly just to make a tidy £3000! I was personally subjected and targeted. From the moment I walked into the hospital – the majority of the staff knew who I was – this is because as a high level of harassment – they take a photo of their victims and distribute it all over London. (This was something I under covered on other victims, they had targeted) In my case defendant “George” took an illegal photograph of myself and distributed it all over London, with a lot of slander. Anyway, when I first returned to the UK in January last year – when I was referred to Northwick Park as the local hospital – I had to go to their overseas Dept first, before they would even give me medical treatment (even though I was incredibly sick) – even though I am a British national and had to be assessed as I was no longer classified as a resident. They told me at the time – I could finally have medical NHS treatment but if I left the Uk soon after the birth of my child – within the obvious 6 month time frame – as I would not be classified as a resident of the Uk – then they could charge me a staggering £3000 for the delivery of my child, all supposedly because of the “The NHS charges to Visitors Regulations Act 1989”.

Because of my pre mature bleeding – I was admitted to Northwick Park’s anti natal unit twice and the severe lack of medical treatment. As one auxiliary midwife (Bridgette) at St Georges informed me and I quote “the trouble with Northwick Park anti natal and post natal units is they all have their own agendas and targets. They are vicious as a pack of wolves. If they take a dislike to you, that’s it. They will personally make your life a living hell. In fact Northwick Park is the one hospital in London that as a midwife that I refuse to works at! “

This is some of the reason of what happened to me. If the medical staff in question particularly – Dr Ashkoumar, Dr Rees and a few other obstrecians, Anna Dzioba (head midwife), (whom are some of the main defendants) other midwives such as Lauleen, Sibo and Penny Estall to name not a few were not so into making targets and agendas – other women such as myself would receive proper decent medical treatment the first time around. Because other women whom were inpatients there for their sickness in their pregnancy had to be admitted more than once due to the severe lack of medical treatment that they received the first time around. This is also without the level of prejudice that I received for being a single parent at the time.

The first time I was an in patient there for my pre mature bleeding and infections – I received no treatment for my infections – what so ever! I was in horrific pain with hypertension – which I received no treatment for at all. Mind you it transpires that this was also a ruse to have me readmitted for a second time. I was also witness to the fact how ill other pregnant were and the way they were also treated. Most of the time – I feel that other pregnant women whom were ill and suffering and also some of them in labour – received despicable treatment. A lot of the time, they would keep women who were heavily in labour and heavily dilated on the anti natal unit – rather than having them taken down to the labour ward. At the same time they would refuse them pain relief, including epidurals. Although a lot of this practice could be said because of the staff shortage – I feel this is an excuse and clinically negligent behaviour – especially the amount of money involved in having this wing reopened and supposedly revamped. Somewhere along the line – you have to ask the question who has pocketed all of this money for revamping the units? When there is no evidence of any change – shortage of rooms for labour ward etc. I feel it’s completely barbaric and archaic behaviour to not even give the majority of women epidurals or pain relief when they are in labour. Because lets face it – if you wanted a labour without pain relief – you would have a home birth!

Also the attitude of a lot of the midwives especially on night duty was inexcusable. The first night that I was there – I rang the call bell – as I was in horrific pain. Only to have complete verbal abuse from the midwife in question – who told me” I don’t care if you are in pain. You have to get out of bed and walk down to the nurse’s station even if you are in pain, you do not use the call bell! “ Which I had to do and was more evidence of their shocking behaviour of having to drag myself literally down to the nurses station even when I was in agony.

The second occasion at the beginning of April last year (when I was a little over 6 months pregnant) I was admitted as a patient for my infections – the extent of their scam was soon revealed to me. After days of infections and bleeding again, only after I repeatedly insisted did they bother to give me some kind of treatment – only at this point to insert a tablet into my vagina to treat the bleeding, which did not make much difference. When I repeatedly questioned Dr Ashkoumar (one of the obstrecians) he said he had told the midwives in question to only give me a tablet for the bleeding – which he certainly had not! Also it seems strange treatment to me to only give a tablet for pre-mature bleeding and only may I add after weeks of not receiving any kind of treatment for my infections at all.

Not long after this – as I suffered terribly with kidney pain and kidney infections – I kept asking to see an urologist or a nephrologist, they reluctantly agreed and lied to me for 2 days solid – saying that they were bringing an urologist to see me, when they never had any intention of doing so – instead it was a complete rouse and part of the scam to keep me in hospital. Instead I could not begin to see the complete horror that was about to unfold. The same day I had a woman called Karen (whom I add was never pregnant) – who is one of the Nigerian defendants involved in this scam – purposely placed in hospital. Specifically standing outside my hospital room for a day – harassing me and listening to all of my phone conversations, and repeating all of my conversations to Catherine Krake and continuously lying about my nationality and specifically claiming “that I was South African who held a British passport etc” As the staff in question refused to take action against Karen – it was only when I angrily told her to stop harassing me, that at some point did she leave the hospital. I also got confirmation from one midwife that as part of their scam at Northwick Park (which she detailed a little), that Karen had purposely been put in hospital even though she was never pregnant to harass me, because this is what people like Catherine Krake etc do! Despite me giving evidence and proof against Karen harassing me and the staff taking no action against her what so ever, in fact they decided to write libelous medical notes that “I was hearing voices” rather than writing on my medical notes that a criminal called Karen was harassing me!

After this the situation only worsened for the next 2 days – I was continuously harassed by the medical staff in question for my passport – as they didn’t believe I was British. As I pointed out I am a British national, therefore I do not carry my passport around with me! They continuously lied about my nationality claiming not only with slander but in libel as detailed all over my illegal medical notes to this day – that I am South African rather than British! Even when I wrote a written testimony as to explain why I was British (which I should never had to have done)i.e. because I hold a NHS number, a national insurance number that I worked for The Home Office and my former employer at The Home Office, still this was not enough. It was only when they bothered to go upstairs to The Overseas Dept – did they have a copy of my passport on file and confirmed that I was indeed British! Not that at any point did I receive an apology, in fact the staff in question behaviour only worsened. Despite all this they still continued to lie about my nationality (all aspects of them violating the law just to make money.). I also never saw anyone else being questioned or harassed for their passport or any question over their nationality. The next thing I knew because I had decided to make a complaint against their behaviour and to sue them for clinical negligence – I see another defendant (whom is also Nigerian) – George sitting in the hospital restaurant with an obstrecian registrar – scheming and admitting on this occasion that “they knew I did not have any psychological problems but because I had decided to prosecute them – they were going to write libelous medical records about me, claiming I had a psychological problem – specifically that they wanted me declared mentally insane as I had decided to prosecute them and to tell the other staff that I was an actor, when I was not. “

They only ever target certain women in this scam; they have done this to many other women including me. If like me, you decide to take action and prosecute these people – and expose them – they will go to any means to either have you declared mentally insane, so supposedly you won’t be deemed credible (it’s also part of another scam that they run there to do child abduction and child trafficking!) or if they fail like this – then they will personally endeavor to let women die after they have given birth – as other women have been detailed previously for dying there in the media previously. I also under covered from investigation how the drs have managed to kill the women in question. Once you have given birth – they do not wait very long for you to deliver the placenta – done on purpose. They then tell you that they have to manually remove the placenta – upon doing so the drs purposely cut you internally to make the woman hemorrhage. They then maybe flat line from the blood loss – and the Drs put ivs into the women’s arms with a certain level of chemicals and/or the wrong kind of oxygen level in the oxygen mask – which results in a fatality. All the post mortem reports/inquests into previous deaths at Northwick Park Hospital have under covered this. This is also a sure way that the defendants in question can successfully steal a new born child.

As true to their word – they launched this premeditated attack on me. Just to try and carry out to have me declared mentally insane. They start writing libel on my medical records by claiming that I was depressed when I was not. Then Anna Dzioba whom is the head midwife along with Dr Ashkoumar start saying to me (true to form) “you are depressed. Aren’t you? “With which I always said no. The next thing I knew they kept telling me I needed to see a psychiatrist rather than giving me medical treatment by - claiming that I had a history of depression by form of libel and slander when I have never had a physiological problem in my life or been depressed at any one point in my life. They still lied to me by saying instead that I was going to see an urologist. I was also harassed with phone calls – if I so much as went downstairs to go to the shop to buy something or food etc I would get a harassment call from Anna Dzioba on my mobile. Who then told me that I would outstandingly ask permission to leave the ward! I told her it was a complete violation of my human rights and that why should I? The response I was given that because of fire regulations! As I pointed out to her, I don’t see you telling anyone this or treating them like this. You may ask why I stayed – purely as I still believed at this point I would be seeing an urologist the next day.

The same night I hear the medical staff discussing whether to involve social services much to my horror. I told the obstrecian that I did not need any intervention of social services, despite being a single parent. Yet this was written all over my medical notes with more libel about calling social services – when they had no need to do so.

The next morning I get a straight answer out of a midwife that they would not be bringing an urologist to see me. I later find out on the same day – that they never had any intention to let me see an urologist – all part of their scam to have me declared mentally insane etc. Instead I receive no medical treatment and Anna Dzioba calls a psychiatrist and the next thing I know she lets a psychiatrist into my room, as I had exercised my civil right by this point to discharge myself . Personally, who in their right mind would stay there if they are being harassed in everyway possible – without medical treatment and being harassed for your passport! I told Anna Dzioba that she was violating my human rights, acting clinically negligently and would make a formal complaint against them for their behaviour as well as that I would personally sue them for clinical negligence and that I had already told her that I did not need psychiatric treatment but I needed medical treatment for my kidney and pregnancy. With which she retorted – you do that and that I would be plagued with health visitors and be ‘monitored’ – in case I developed post natal depression (unbelievably). I flatly refused to speak to the psychiatrist. I then informed the staff that light of this, I would be exercising my civil right to discharge myself, especially as they had no intention of giving me any medical treatment! However as the medical staff still getting harping on about me seeing a psychiatrist – I agreed to and met with a psychiatrist (which I never should have had to have done) to prove to them more than anything – that I have never had a psychiatric problem in my life and that they certainly were not going to have me declared mentally insane. Needless to say after the assessment – the psychiatrist agreed and told the medical staff that it I had no depression, no psychiatric problems and that I had no history of psychiatric problems and no history of depression. That I was who I said I was – British and a formal civil servant. Soon after I was discharged, I made it very plain to the staff in question after that as I informed them “that I have never been treated so badly by the NHS or a hospital in my life. That I would sue them and would never set foot in the hospital again after the way I was treated and would be going to any other hospital than there to receive decent medical treatment. “ Despite this – they insisted upon making me a further appointment to see the obstrecian. I reiterated what I had said. Just to make sure – later I called to cancel it with outpatients. I still received harassment calls after this from midwives there too!

I was horrified by the lengths that the staff in question would go to. Because, I successfully managed to refer myself back to St Georges – only to find that there that the anti natal staff at Northwick Park had forwarded a load of libelous notes to St Georges including stating that I was South African and that I was hearing voices – rather than being harassed by Karen. There was also a referral note from my former GP in Harrow – who claimed that I had a paranoid idea about harassment – which I certainly did not! At no point was there any mention that I had no psychiatric problems, (the psychiatrist agreed that I certainly did not have any psychiatric problems). Which shows what extent the staff etc go to – to make money and for me to not expose them. This was another aspect of the scam that they were determined to carry out defamation of character etc on me – going to extremes so that no other hospital would treat me. What they failed to realize was that on the libelous medical notes from the anti natal unit it did claim that I had no psychiatric problems – even if all the rest was libel. Also, the medical staff knew me at St Georges as a former urology patient and that I was British and had no psychiatric problems at all. So needless to say – I had my daughter delivered at St Georges.

You would think that this would be the end of the matter – however not. For quite sometime after this – the guilty offenders at Northwick Park continued to write libelous medical notes about me – always still claiming that I was South African and that I suffered from depression, even when I never have and when I was no longer a patient there. I under covered even more sinister aspects of their illegal activities. The criminal syndicate operated by Catherine Krake run a successful child smuggling/child trafficking business, by lying to social services. Therefore, if they fail with their £3000 harassment scam at Northwick Park (so long as they successfully harass their victim into leaving the country before 6 months) – they go to their next operation of child smuggling. This is what happens – if you decide to take action and prosecute/expose these criminals. This is why so many women conveniently die after giving birth there – so they feel they won’t be exposed and also to effectively carry out child smuggling/trafficking.

Despite me making several complaints to The Chief Executive – Fiona at St

Georges, she refused to take any disciplinary action against the staff in question. Therefore I took the matter to The Home Office and The NHS Chief Complaints Board for investigation. It is with The Home Office etc, that they are now being successfully investigated.

Northwick Park persisted with me so long with their harassment, defamation of character, violation of my human rights etc as they decided to set me up with social services to steal my daughter for their child trafficking/smuggling. As usual they were unsuccessful. As in the incredibly libelous and corrupt note (not forgetting the extortionate level of bribery involved) to social services there was not one word of truth in it – as usual claiming that I was South African, was depressed and unsupported and even more outstandingly that I had called the police – which is something I had never done – had no reason to. As I was able to defend myself and provide evidence to the contrary – social services were sorted out quite quickly as they could see that I was being set up.

I feel all in all, I was fortunate that they were not able to steal my daughter etc. However, I know that many women and families who have been targeted and victims to these offenders’ crimes have not been so lucky. I can only hope that at the end of the day that justice will be done and that Northwick Park’s anti natal and post natal units will be shut down permanently. Until such a time arises, I urge every pregnant woman out there to not have any medical treatment or their child delivered at Northwick Park



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I'm sorry to hear about all you had to endure at the hands of people who are supposed to be helpers and healers. I'm glad everything worked out with your daughter though. I think it's great you are getting the word out about their questionable practices also.

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