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Sippy Cup siggestions?

Kristin - posted on 03/24/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Anyone have a good sippy cup suggestion? We have been using the Playtex bottles and I just can't get her to use any sippy cup!



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Jaime - posted on 03/31/2009




We love the Munchkin ones too, you can get them at Target. They are spill proof, have a soft spout, and there isn't a valve so your baby doesn't have to suck really hard..we tried lots of them until a friend suggested this one..i highly recommend it!

Celina - posted on 03/25/2009




Playtex makes a good sippy cup, with a soft spout and handles to hold onto. Then you can move to the stage 2 sippy, it has a harder spout with handles.

Laura - posted on 03/25/2009




My son loves the Munchkin sippy cups. They have a soft spout and the liquid comes out fairly easily. They are BPA free too!

Valerie - posted on 03/25/2009




I like the avent cup....the nosle is not too hard...therefor my daugther doesn't hurt herself

Deidre - posted on 03/25/2009




I love the gerber ones, the stage one ones. I forget what month and up they are for but I love them. There are two actually and I think the one I love the most is for 7+mo or for 9+ mo. They just came out with them (I am addicted to buying sippy cups lol) :) They are soft tipped which is great for them learning to drink from it, esp if teething. Also, to start out with I would just put some water in it and let her play with it throughout the day. I first introduced my daughter to the sippy at 4mo and let her just play with it and she didn't actually drink anything out of it until she was at least 7-8mo and now she can drink out of one fine as long as I tilt it for her b/c she hasn't learned that yet. Oh, and she won't drink her formula out of it, just water or watered down juice.

Meagan - posted on 03/25/2009




I don't know any specific type...other than just make sure you get the ones (at first) that are a little easier to suck on. Taylor had the ones that you had to suck on really hard to get anything out and she showed no interest. Then I got one that had a way to make it "easy flowing" or "no spill". Also, I started by trying at least once a day with some apple juice. I think if you try something they like a little more than formula they will try a little harder. I don't know if your giving juice yet, but make sure you don't give more than 6 oz a day for know.

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